Cynologist Warned About The Growth Of Injuries In Dogs In Winter

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Cynologist Warned About The Growth Of Injuries In Dogs In Winter
Cynologist Warned About The Growth Of Injuries In Dogs In Winter

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MOSCOW, January 15 - RIA Novosti. The number of cases of injuries in dogs in the winter grows due to injuries from sharp objects under a layer of snow or dislocations and sprains due to slipping on the ice, said Vladimir Golubev, President of the Russian Cynological Federation.

"In winter, dogs experience cryogenic anesthesia of the paws, this is a process when a low temperature reduces the sensitivity of the paws in dogs. If, for example, in this state, the pet steps on the glass, he will not immediately pull his paw, continuing to lean on it, further injuring the pads. he will not immediately understand that the dog has cut himself, because at low temperatures the vessels are narrowed and bleeding can only be found at home, "he said.

According to the dog handler, in winter it is better to avoid walking in unfamiliar snow-covered places, where broken glass, sharp metal cans, pits, construction fittings and rods can be hidden.

In addition, the dog can get other injuries - sprains and sprains. Therefore, the dog handler asks the owners in winter to be very careful about the safety of the pet for a walk.

"In order to minimize the risk of dislocation, sprains or joint capsules, provide the dog with a uniform load on the street. The fact is that intense exercise on" cold "joints can result in injury. Any sudden movements can lead to unpleasant results. athletes who are involved in winter sports warm up very intensely before training. Do not start intensive training with the dog until you have warmed it up, "Golubev recommends.

The dog handler also noted that it is necessary to remember about cars, since a dog can become a victim of an accident, falling under the wheels of a car that did not have time to brake. "Therefore, you need to be especially careful, even while walking the dog in the yard of your house," said the dog handler.

Most often, he explained, young dogs of large breeds, as well as puppies, are injured in winter.

First aid

As Golubev said, the symptoms of dislocation or stretching will be noticeable immediately, since the pet is usually difficult to move, does not step on the sore paw, squeezes it under him and does not allow touching the sore spot.

"As soon as you find these symptoms, you should go to the veterinary clinic for help. Only a doctor can make an accurate diagnosis, in no case should you try to adjust the paw. It is important to limit the load on the diseased limb, providing the dog with peace," he said.

If the dog is injured on the street, the paw must be rinsed with hydrogen peroxide and applied with an ointment that has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects. "If the wound is large, apply a bandage. After such an injury, you can only walk outside in special shoes to protect the wound from the external environment," Golubev said.

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