Angelina Jolie Revealed The Secret Of Her Tattoo

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Angelina Jolie Revealed The Secret Of Her Tattoo
Angelina Jolie Revealed The Secret Of Her Tattoo

Video: Angelina Jolie Revealed The Secret Of Her Tattoo

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Video: Angelina Jolie Tattoos Angelina Jolie Reveals The Secrets Behind Her 2023, January

For Mother's Day, celebrated in the United States on May 10, film actress Angelina Jolie wrote an essay on Marcheline Bertrand, who died in 2007 from ovarian cancer at the age of 56. In a text in memory of her, the movie star spoke about the divorce of her parents and explained the meaning of the tattoo on her arm, writes The New York Times.

“It seemed to many that it was the letter m, which means“mother”and“Marchelin”. I have a small tattoo on my arm, I got it when my mother died. It looks like m, but it's actually w - Winter. It's a Rolling Stones song that my mother used to sing to me when I was little. There is a line: "I will wrap you in my coat." With these words, she wrapped me in a blanket and hugged me,”wrote Jolie.

According to Jolie, it was her mother, who was also an actress, who convinced her to choose this profession. After the death of Marcheline, her daughter found a short film with her participation. The Hollywood star emphasized that her mother was good in this picture. Jolie's parents divorced when she was only a year old due to the fact that her father Jon Voight cheated on his wife. After that, Marcheline Bertrand stopped her career on stage and screen and devoted herself to children - Angelina and her older brother James.

Jolie noted that when she listens to the song Winter, she realizes how lonely and scared her mother was. But she did not stop fighting for the sake of her children. After some time, the actress removed the w-shaped tattoo and disappeared from her arm. But along with her, the feeling of home and protection disappeared, the star said. After that, her life changed, she also faced losses. According to the actress, it turned out to be more painful than she expected. But now that her daughters have grown up, she has learned to understand her mother's new side.

As Profil wrote earlier, Angelina Jolie appeared in the popular fighting video game Mortal Kombat 11. There, the actress "plays" one of the key characters - the girl-fighter Sonya Blade. The video also shows Christopher Lambert as the thunder deity Raiden. For him, this is a familiar role: in the film of the same name, he also played this character.

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