There Are Single Mothers Among The Stars Too

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There Are Single Mothers Among The Stars Too
There Are Single Mothers Among The Stars Too

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Single mothers are real heroines


Increasingly, we meet single mothers on the street. It is clear that it is very difficult for them to raise and raise a child on their own. But those women who managed to make a kind and loyal person out of their child are real heroines! In this article, we want to tell you about single celebrity mothers who were not afraid of responsibility and raised wonderful children!

Marcheline Bertrand - mother of Angelina Jolie

The mother of the famous Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has always dreamed of becoming an actress. She believed and hoped that one day she would be able to ascend to Olympus of world fame. Marcheline even married promising actor John Voight in order to be closer to cinema. The couple had a long and happy relationship. But nine years later, the marriage began to burst at the seams, and the young people were forced to leave. The woman became disillusioned not only with men, but also forever forgot about the career of an actress. Together with this, she decided to devote her life to raising children.

Ann Dunham - Barack Obama's mother

Once Ann Dunham met a handsome student Barack Obama Sr. The young people quickly found a common language with each other. The guy courted the charming Ann, they soon began to live together. A year later, they had a son, Barack Hussein Obama. At that time, Ann was only 18 years old. She couldn't study and raise a child at the same time, so Anne dropped out of college and decided to take care of her son. During this time, her husband continued his college education. After three years of marriage, Anne learned that her husband had a second wife in Kenya. They parted, and Ann continued to raise her son alone.

Irmelin Indenbirken - mother of Leonardo DiCaprio

In her youth, Irmelin's secretary met the comic book author George. At the beginning of the relationship, young people were just fine. Soon they had a son, whom his parents named Leo. When the boy was one year old, George left the family. Irmelin was left all alone. But she never gave up. It was very difficult for the woman because she had to work several jobs to support herself and Leo.

Patti Mallett - Justin Bieber's mother

When Patty was fifteen, she started dating Jeremy Bieber. The couple had a long and happy relationship. At the age of eighteen, the lovely couple had their long-awaited first child. Unfortunately, after the birth of the child, the relationship between the spouses began to deteriorate. As a result, Jeremy left the family, and Patty was forced to take care of Justin's upbringing herself.

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