The Chelyabenergosbyt Charity Project Is Recognized As The Best In The Urals

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The Chelyabenergosbyt Charity Project Is Recognized As The Best In The Urals
The Chelyabenergosbyt Charity Project Is Recognized As The Best In The Urals

Video: The Chelyabenergosbyt Charity Project Is Recognized As The Best In The Urals

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The project "Children to Children" presented by PJSC "Chelyabenergosbyt" won the VI Regional Award in the field of development of public relations "Silver Archer" - Ural in the category "Corporate Social Responsibility and Charity". The Silver Archer is just as significant an award for the PR community as Tefi is for the TV crew, and the Golden Eagle is for the film industry.


In Yekaterinburg, public defense of projects of the regional stage of the National Prize in the development of public relations "Silver Archer" - Ural took place. Representatives of marketing and PR-services of the Ural Federal District companies from Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Salekhard gathered in the Yeltsin Center. 18 companies were shortlisted for the award. Chelyabinsk power engineers competed in their nomination with the Ural football club, which together with the Avtomobilist hockey club held a charity ice hockey and football match in felt boots. Another contender for the victory in the "CSR and Charity" nomination was the Association of Citizens and Organizations to Help People with Developmental Disabilities and Mental Disabilities in Yekaterinburg and the Sverdlovsk Region "Special People" with the "Workshops of Endless Possibilities" project, funds for this project were raised at the Catherine Charity Assembly.

Let us remind you that the charitable project "Children for Children" was carried out by PJSC "Chelyabenergosbyt" together with the public movement "Iskorka Fund". The campaign was organized in the company by the press service, personnel management and trade union activists. PJSC "Chelyabenergosbyt" decided to approach the issue of charity not only as support for those in need, but also as an educational moment - to attract employees and their families to corporate volunteering. Apart from acting lessons, the employees' children also received one more main lesson - not to pass by when you can help.

In October 2017, the theater “Mannequin” hosted the play “When we were little”, in which the children of the energy company employees played. Natalia Shirokova, director and organizer of the "Sparks" events, staged a vivid performance.

In the foyer of the theater, spectators were greeted with a concert by vocal and dance groups in which children of employees of PJSC Chelyabenergosbyt are engaged. Also, before the performance, a charity fair was held, crafts for which were prepared by the families of the company's employees from all over the region: from Chelyabinsk, Kyshtym, Zlatoust, Magnitogorsk.

We managed to collect 115 thousand rubles from the sale of tickets and at the charity fair.

“This action has become the undisputed leader of the internal corporate events of 2017 in the company,” noted Yekaterina Demidova, Communications Director of Chelyabenergosbyt PJSC. - During the preparation for the performance, a real community of parents and children has emerged and rallied. It is all the more joyful that we decided to continue the program for the development of the creative potential of employees' children. By the end of the school year, expect a new performance. The fees from him will go to good deeds."

Laureates of the regional stage of the award also became the project "Green Monday" of the Chelyabinsk State University and "Museum seasons in Kyshtym" of the Kyshtym Historical and Revolutionary Museum.

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