A Pilot Project To Teach Children With Autism To Swim Started In Balashikha

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A Pilot Project To Teach Children With Autism To Swim Started In Balashikha
A Pilot Project To Teach Children With Autism To Swim Started In Balashikha

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Video: Autism Swims 2023, January

The first open lesson was held in the Elena Donskoy sports and recreation complex in the Dzerzhinsky microdistrict on December 25.


The participants of the practical master class were told about the preparation for the start of the project. The trainers worked with the children for two months.

“We attracted 20 completely different children to the project and achieved high results. These children could not enter the water before, but now they feel free in the pool. Unfortunately, we still train once a week, we would like more. In Balashikha, 400 children with autism are in line to participate in the program. We plan to develop an adapted initial training program in a year. Based on the results, we will submit our program to educational and sports institutions in order to continue our knowledge,”said Anna Sergeeva, head of the“Step into Inclusion”charity foundation, a member of the Public Chamber of the Moscow Region. Trainers with pedagogical education and experience working with children with mental disabilities are involved with children. Their education will continue as part of the project. A behavioral analyst, tutors and other professionals also work with children.

“There are two swimming pools in Balashikha institutions: in school 14 in Zheleznodorozhny and in a school in the Izmailovo microdistrict. We can distribute children to these pools, and we will have a greater coverage of children, which means we will achieve a better result. Health is a priority, and the health of our children is the goal of our future,”said Alexandra Zubova, head of the education department of the Balashikha administration.

The project "Like everyone else" originated in school 28, where in September 2018 the first resource class for children with autism and developmental delays was opened in the Moscow region.

“This project is aimed at improving the health of children and is in demand by the society. I would like to express my gratitude to the “Step into Inclusion” foundation for its indifference, organization of the “Like everyone else” project and its popularization. I hope that the project will develop and become in demand throughout the Moscow region,”said Gennady Popov, chairman of the Balashikha Council of Deputies.

Eight-year-old Alexei Tereshchenko is one of the project participants. The boy was diagnosed with autism, but his parents did not give up. Alexey studies in a resource class and is engaged in swimming in the project "Like everyone else".

“Teachers with great experience deal with children; they easily establish contact with such children. The child is happy, comes after class with a smile! He became less sick and behaved more calmly. The water is relaxing. In two months, Alyosha learned to swim on his back and on his stomach, although classes are held only once a week. He does not speak yet, but after class he began to better understand others and keep eye contact. He became more obedient, assiduous, began to understand letters and numbers. Special children, like everyone else, should have a wonderful childhood,”shared Alexey's mother, Yulia Tereshchenko.

The main task of coaches is not to teach a certain swimming style, but to form swimming skills in children and help them adapt in society.

“I am very glad that such a program will be implemented in Balashikha. It's great that there are people who are concerned about the development of children with autism, who care about their future and support them. I am very glad that they really help to adapt children and return them to a full-fledged society. We will help as much as we can,”promised State Duma deputy Maxim Suraev.

In 2020, in Balashikha, they plan to open another classroom for children with mental disabilities on the basis of school 5 in the Olgino microdistrict.Five children will also study there. In addition, in 2019, morning groups appeared in five Balashikha kindergartens, where they study with special children.

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