15 Main Children's Movie Premieres Of

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15 Main Children's Movie Premieres Of
15 Main Children's Movie Premieres Of

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The coming year is preparing for kids and involved adults a great set of animated dishes that are definitely worth the wait. In total, about 30+ cartoons and children's films will get on the big screens, and we have chosen the most noticeable and interesting among them.


Of course, in this menu, the most attention will be attracted to the continuation of the famous animation franchises, especially the second parts of two cartoons that were released quite a long time ago. From the original films, a Disney film about time and space, a new British plasticine absurdity and Japanese animation in the style of Studio Ghibli are expected. But first things first!

The Adventures of Paddington 2

Premiere: January 18, 6+

th teddy bear, whose charming reddish-brown eyes, meek disposition and innate politeness have already fallen in love with the audience for the first film (his rating on Kinopoisk - 7.1 / 10). We expect "the same cabbage soup", but thicker - even more dynamic adventures of a bear in the city, touching sincerity, funny situations and a sweet-sweet happy ending, as befits a winter near-New Year's ribbon.

Maerie and the witch's flower

Premiere: March 1, approximately 6+

While the legendary Ghibli is working on the latest film by Hayao Miyazaki, her veterans have created their own studio and are preparing to show the work done according to the behests of the great storyteller. Based on an English book, "Maerie and the Witch's Flower" contains all the necessary components: a strong heroine girl, real magic, cats, exciting magical adventures and recognizable art.

Of course, this does not mean that we are facing a full-fledged pearl of the Ghibli level, but the cartoon definitely deserves attention. The rental of the tape in other countries has already partially started, the rating on Imdb.com is 6.8 / 10.

An incredible story about a giant pear

Premiere: March 1, 6+

The strange and absurd name of this mysterious Danish tape is quite consistent with the content of the trailer, in the comments under which there are already a lot of negativity and cries of "what is this?" But we nevertheless took the cartoon into the selection, and here's why: the pear itself looks damn amusing, with its whole idea resembling a relative from the cartoon "James and the Giant Peach". They also swam and lived inside the fruit.

e is one of the directors in charge of Ronal the Barbarian. So, perhaps all this emphatically childish ugliness will have a particularly ironic taste.

A Wrinkle in Time

Premiere: 8 March, 6+

m about the wonders of the universe from Disney. On the one hand - Chris Pine, Reese Witherspoon, Oprah Winfrey and other stars, on the other - the writer of "Ralph", "Zootopia", "Frozen" (here she is the director) Jennifer Lee. On the third hand, there is a curious plot, and although the search for the lost father is a rather banal plot, the young heroine will definitely not be bored along the way. On the fourth side - a game with space and time, on the fifth - a gorgeous visual series, on the sixth, watch the trailer and wait with us.

Wild ancestors

Premiere: March 22, 6+

It's very simple: if you like "Chicken Coop", "Shaun the Sheep" and "Wallace and Gromit", then this cartoon is definitely worth adding to the waiting menu. Right now. Well, if the plasticine round-eyed faces, specific English humor and the special ironic mood of these tapes are not to your liking, then just skip this point and immediately feel our reproach.

The Adventures of Peter Rabbit

Premiere: March 22, 6+

the nasty rabbit against the bad-ass farmer - the essence of the tape in five words. Peter is sparkling, resourceful and rather cruel: all these traps are extremely painful and harsh. The farmer is narrow-minded, naive and for some reason, in parallel with the battle for the harvest, is seeking the attention of an animal lover, so he has little chance. And all this is based on the cult British children's book.

Smeshariki. Deja vu

Premiere: April 26, most likely 6+

it is too small for Krosh to arrange for Kopatych an unforgettable birthday present - a journey through time. Doubtful present, don't you think? Even taking into account the fact that this is not just a return to the next Saturday morning, but a full-fledged and insane excursion into times and eras, with a meeting with their "wild" counterparts and dangerous adventures. However, that it is we - before us "Smeshariki", this is already enough to be expected.

Dog Island

Premiere: May 3, possibly 12+

Most of all, the cartoon will receive a "12+" qualification from us, but so far this has not happened - listen and listen to the "god of the absurd" Wes Anderson. His films are events, his presentation of the material is a highlight, the plot of this animation tape, which is released exactly in the Chinese Year of the Dog, is strange, incomprehensible and stylish. The spectators are waiting for a garbage island, a flock of desperate dogs and a boy intending to return his pet. Yes, young children most likely will not like the cartoon, but if your child likes "cartoons not for everyone," then save money for tickets now.


Premiere: May 10, 6+

Russian big screens get the tape of 2015. It seems, why wait for a cartoon that has long been released, but in this case there are definitely reasons to watch Bilal in a movie. Firstly, this is a fabulous Arab cartoon, created in the UAE according to the strict traditions of colorful oriental legends. Secondly, the rating on Imdb.com is 8.4 / 10, which also adds interest. Well, just watch the trailer: spectacular, mesmerizing and fresh against the backdrop of the usual Hollywood popcorn.

The Princess and the Dragon: The Secret of the Magic Mirror

Premiere: May 31, most likely 6+

There are a lot of natural cartoons coming out in the coming year, so it's worth highlighting someone else. For example, a new fairy tale about the well-read Princess Barbara, her dragon friend and the way home from a magical land inhabited by good and evil creatures. Everything seems to be as usual, but this is one of the directors of Masha and the Bear, and Barbara's face clearly resembles one important cartoon heroine in childhood. Who knows what kind of explosive mixture it will be - but we are waiting with interest.

Incredibles 2

Premiere: June 14, most likely 6+

we got the flowers and got to the most delicious berries. The first "Incredibles" was released back in 2004, received a couple of "Oscars" and a sea of ​​audience love, even though those viewers have long grown up. But they are still waiting, as it turned out. And new ones are also waiting, and in general everyone is waiting, because Pixar is a priori a sign of quality, and the first part was a miracle how good, funny and dynamic.

Monsters on Vacation 3

Premiere: July 12, 6+

Another notable and highly anticipated sequel. "Monsters on Vacation" is, in principle, the quintessence of what modern animation is worth loving, and their summer adventure on a cruise ship promises to be at least as good as the previous parts.

Overall, this is a monstrous long franchise from a Russian director, with an unusual pair of lovers, no villains in the plot and a great family idea. A treasure, not a cartoon.


Premiere: October 25, most likely 6+

there were yeti who did not believe in the existence of humans. Even the bikes hounded each other, sitting by the fire on the snow-covered peak of their native mountain. About terrible people with tiny feet and hair only on the head, that's horror! What will happen next, you have already guessed: a terrible and terrible "non-existent" person will invade them, and the plot will spin about the fact that climbers are not monsters at all, and yeti are not monsters either, and in general, it is not so important who you are outside and whether you have your nose - what's inside is more important.

Ralph against the Internet

Premiere: November 22, most likely 6+

Print the third highlight of the 2018 program. The charming goof Ralph and the snide, groovy Vanellope go online, crush, break and make their own riots on the World Wide Web. A lot of references to real network brands, Disney princesses and a variety of funny mess with a scattering of famous characters, as it was in the first "Ralph". For which we love, in fact.

The Grinch Stole Christmas

Premiere: December 27, rating unknown

And as a finale - a new version of the famous Christmas film about the grumpy Grinch, who is always making plans to disrupt the main New Year's holiday. The character is familiar, but what is interesting about this particular tape: firstly, the green villain will be voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch, and we all know what delightful villains are obtained from him. Well, Illumination Entertainment studio is "Despicable Me", "Sing", "The Secret Life of Pets", in general, you will definitely not miss it.

And which of the premieres are you looking forward to the most?

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