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Cover Up, Mother
Cover Up, Mother

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Ulyana, 31 years old, three children (7, 5 years old and 2 years old)

“Until you have babies, it seems like this is not a problem. Is it difficult to hide behind a towel? Buy a feeding suit or feed at home? Babies eat 9-12 times a day, about every two hours. And every mom makes a choice for herself.

Many, having given birth to a child, forget that their children do not touch everyone. When I had no children, it infuriated me when mothers came with a small child to an adult cafe: the child did not sleep and screamed. And around people want to dine and drink coffee in silence. Now, before going somewhere with my horde, I measure how ready I am to bring inconvenience to strangers. And when, during a business lunch, someone dumps out a fourth-size chest, as if turning a little against the wall, I personally saw how the men transplanted further. Because it’s unpleasant to look at. I am a little disgusted if a woman is not my friend or she is not a written beauty.

There may be adult children around (for example, my son) who have not seen a woman's breasts, except mine in childhood. He is already an adult guy, he understands the difference between a boy and a girl, my sister and I divided them into different rooms, and here you have bare chest. From this position, I am against. But I understand mummies perfectly well: in our rhythm of life we ​​have to sacrifice something, and many do not even care about someone else's opinion, but such an opinion is also an opinion.

I breastfed in public only a couple of times, when I had no choice, I covered myself with a towel and my husband's jacket. This is unacceptable for me and my family."

Irina, 28 years old, son

“Let's start with the fact that the halo itself is not visible during feeding: this, one might say, is the same as walking in a décolleté. I had a natural birth at home, and I also consider this process natural and I will not go anywhere in the corners to hide because of someone's complexes. But if for this there is a suitable place - only in "MEGA" we have seen - then, of course, there.

I don't care who seems sexy there. All the bigots who are against, would remember how they themselves were born. My husband was against it, but then he realized that it was difficult in a different way. Sometimes I can express my milk when I can, but I don’t bother about it.

Only once there was an unpleasant situation in a coffee shop (Irina refused to say the name, but said that it was a well-known network. - MM). The young man-bartender very rudely asked to stop the process or leave. It was winter outside, I told him: "So that they do this to your wife and child." He is still young - then he will understand.

When my son grows up, he too will not be embarrassed by the sight of a woman's bare breasts. I hope he will see her not only at nursing mothers, but somewhere else. If my husband looks at someone else's breasts in such a context, I will not feel any discomfort either."

Specialist comment

“Feeding an infant with breast milk is a natural process. This is how nature laid it down. Very often, the process of latching a child to the breast takes place in the presence of relatives, older children.

There is nothing special about this. If the older child does not show an increased interest in the mother's breast, does not have mental disorders, is not disinhibited in behavior, does not interfere with the mother's breastfeeding her younger brother or sister, then please let him be present during this ritual.

The same goes for the presence of the husband and other people. If a nursing mother is not embarrassed by the presence of other people, then there are no contraindications for breastfeeding,”says sexologist-psychiatrist Olga Perova.

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