Alexander Shcherbakov: "While Others Argue, We Are Working"

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Alexander Shcherbakov: "While Others Argue, We Are Working"
Alexander Shcherbakov: "While Others Argue, We Are Working"

Video: Alexander Shcherbakov: "While Others Argue, We Are Working"

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For almost a year and a half of work as the head of the Vladivostok branch of the United Russia, the deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the PK Alexander Shcherbakov paid a lot of attention to organizational efforts, as well as expanding work during the development of the pandemic, reports PRIMPRESS.


First of all, a reorganization took place: in 2019, a local branch of the United Russia party of the Vladivostok city district was created, which united five regional branches of the party, the governing bodies of a new structure were created, which included both new people and party veterans.

“This year, we focused on the implementation of a major project - a volunteer center operating at the local branch of the United Russia to help residents who find themselves in a difficult situation due to the coronavirus pandemic,” says Alexander Shcherbakov. - The center brought together volunteers, social activists, entrepreneurs, athletes. Volunteers fulfill thousands of requests from the elderly, disabled people, large families, families with disabled children and so on, sometimes at their own expense, pack and deliver humanitarian aid provided by commercial companies and enterprises to addresses, support doctors working in difficult conditions of the pandemic. This year they helped a lot to medical institutions - they brought food packages, humanitarian aid, T-shirts under protective suits, and congratulated them on the holidays. This work will continue as long as the need arises."

As practice has shown, lonely elderly people, disabled people, people with poor health, large families and other unprotected categories of the population apply for help during the development of the epidemic.

Most often, applications are received for the delivery of essential goods: food, hygiene products, medicines. Sometimes you need help with walking pets, taking out the trash, transportation by car, in particular to the hospital. Volunteers also deliver humanitarian aid to urgently needy categories of the population.

“In the capital of Primorye, hundreds of active citizens joined the ranks of the center's volunteers. These are representatives of public organizations, and party members, and simply not indifferent Primorye residents, - says Alexander Shcherbakov. - All those who wished to become volunteers passed the necessary instructions and received personal protective equipment. In addition to individuals, a large number of public organizations and business representatives, a number of NGOs, Primorye sports federations, regional branches of such all-Russian public organizations as Mothers of Russia, Victory Volunteers and many others are involved in the activities of the volunteer center.

The work of the volunteer center was supported by dozens of commercial companies and enterprises. Among them are "Primorsky Confectioner", a manufacturer of dairy products "Grinagro", JSC "Corporation for the Development of the Far East", Vladivostok factory "Evernit", JSC "Edelweiss", fish factory "Kamensky", "DV-Plast Group", LLC "Aquatekhnologii", Sawmill Industrial Complex "Poshiv", companies "VostokFlot", "Beluga Group", "Voskhod", "NK-Resource", LLC "Azimut", "Granis". They donated tons of humanitarian aid to the volunteer center - food, food and mineral water. They are received by large, low-income families in difficult life situations with disabled children in their upbringing.

In addition, in this Year of Memory and Glory, a lot of attention was paid to veterans. Party members organized celebrations, the presentation of medals, gift sets and flowers, went to the home addresses of the veterans with congratulations and gifts.

“On an ongoing basis, the party members carry out various good deeds - we hold subbotniks to clean up urban areas, squares and beaches, greening campaigns in hospitals,” notes Alexander Shcherbakov. - We support sports and charitable events, we carry out "Exercises with Champions" for the residents of Egersheld. We helped to get children from disadvantaged families to school - we bought school bags and school supplies for them. The party purposefully implements the policy of "good deeds", and let the people themselves give an assessment of this activity - all those who were touched by these good deeds, who felt their results on themselves."

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