Doctors Explained Why You Need To Give Birth As Early As Possible

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Doctors Explained Why You Need To Give Birth As Early As Possible
Doctors Explained Why You Need To Give Birth As Early As Possible

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According to Eurostat, more than 40 percent of women have their first child by the age of 28. Is it good or bad? At the University. Erasmus of Rotterdam has been analyzing data on childbirth for more than 30 years; 58,000 women were respondents. At the end of the study, scientist Dick Hubbem even compiled a "fertility calculator" - a summary table according to which every woman can calculate how many children she can give birth to. The conclusion of his research is unambiguous: the earlier you give birth, the better.


If a woman wants to have three children, then the first is better to give birth at 23, if two, then her deadline is 27 years.

The tendency to give birth late is not new. If you look at the documents of the Russian Empire, then, according to the 1887 census, more than half of young mothers were under 20 years old. And today Russian women in labor are "younger" than European ones: according to research by Rosstat, the average age of a young mother in Russia is 26 years.

However, for medical reasons, the ideal age for childbirth is 18-19 years. As Galina Lisitsyna, candidate of medical sciences, doctor told VM, "the sooner the better. The fact is that the number of falicules (eggs) in a woman decreases. More gene breakdowns accumulate. The greater the risk of giving birth to a child with a congenital anomaly."

Vladimir Serov, President of the Russian Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, assures that girls still prefer to unlearn and start working, therefore in our country the optimal age for first birth is 20-22 years.

“Women strive to strengthen their financial position in order not to be dependent on their partner, and our state could support young mothers more,” says Vladimir Serov.

Alexander Shcherbakov, a scientist and professor at the Department of Labor and Social Policy of the Institute of Public Administration and Administration of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, agrees with him.

- It is necessary to create such conditions so that every woman gives birth to not one, but at least two children. The desire of the "weaker sex" to provide for themselves on their own, to get an education leads to the fact that many simply do not have time to give birth to a second child. And this is very sad, - says the researcher.

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