Let Us Stand To The Death. The Parents' Committee Criticized The Idea Of ​​accustoming Children To Alcohol

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Let Us Stand To The Death. The Parents' Committee Criticized The Idea Of ​​accustoming Children To Alcohol
Let Us Stand To The Death. The Parents' Committee Criticized The Idea Of ​​accustoming Children To Alcohol

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Video: CONSCIOUSNESS AND PERSONALITY. From the inevitably dead to the eternally Alive. (English subtitles) 2023, January

The chairman of the "National Parents' Committee" on the air of the NSN proposed to teach children to distinguish a quality life from living at a low level of income. The idea that split society into two camps was presented by State Duma deputy, representative of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia Andrei Svintsov. He suggested teaching teenagers to good alcohol so that in the future they could distinguish it from a surrogate. In an interview with AGN Moskva, he said that if a teenager tastes wine at the age of 16 for the first time in his life, he will not understand its taste. “We need to explain that you shouldn't use it. At the age of 16, a child can be given a glass of good wine: “Try what it is so that you don't have to go, ask someone to buy you a surrogate. God forbid you still get poisoned,”Svintsov believes. The parliamentarian explains his idea by the fact that sooner or later children will try alcohol on their own and it will be better if they do it in the presence of adults. Irina Volynets, chairman of the interregional public movement National Parents' Committee, member of the Public Council under the Presidential Ombudsman for Children's Rights, promised on the air of NSN that she and her colleagues would do everything so that this norm was not established. “We are quite familiar with Andrei, we often act as opponents with him on various issues, and now this is just the case when I will oppose again. Doubtful initiative, so you can get to drugs. After all, business is not limited to theory, you can go to practice. The National Parents' Committee has a counter initiative: to teach them to live a good, dignified life. To know a high-quality, eventful life with trips, travels and to distinguish her children from the life of a lower level,”suggested Volynets. Dangerous remedy. The narcologist doubted the benefits of alcohol for the heart. Speaking about the initiative of the deputy Svintsov, Irina Volynets asked several clarifying questions: in which lesson will the acquaintance take place, how to be with children in whose families they do not drink alcohol at all.

“The trend for a healthy lifestyle is gaining more and more popularity in our country. And the deputies, it seems to me, first of all propose their initiatives in the field of healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, there are many teachers of many bad things. I believe that the idea can be criticized in our society. God grant that it is not accepted, we will make every effort not to legitimize it,”promised the head of the National Parents' Committee Irina Volynets.

In an interview with RIA FAN, actor and director Mikhail Efremov called Andrey Svintsov's idea "complete nonsense." As Efremov added, in hot countries such as Italy and Spain, children drink at all from the age of 10. Some associate this with the peculiarities of the climate. “It's colder here in Russia, so maybe it is suggested to drink alcohol from the age of 16,” the artist suggested. This summer, Leonid Ogul, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Health Protection Committee, proposed changing the format for selling alcohol in stores. In his opinion, bottles should be removed from open shelves, hiding them in cabinets, or a separate room for alcoholic beverages should be allocated. According to the author of the initiative, the open sale of alcohol not only has a detrimental effect on adults, but also affects children. For example, an adult most likely will not take a child to a gym with alcohol.

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