Vladimir Zhirinovsky About The Secret Theft Of The Most Delicious Candy In His Life

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Vladimir Zhirinovsky About The Secret Theft Of The Most Delicious Candy In His Life
Vladimir Zhirinovsky About The Secret Theft Of The Most Delicious Candy In His Life

Video: Vladimir Zhirinovsky About The Secret Theft Of The Most Delicious Candy In His Life

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Video: Russia - Zhirinovsky throws water in Duma session 2023, February

One of the most famous and cited politicians in Russia, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, has a reputation as a prophet. Sooner or later, many of his political predictions became reality. Zhirinovsky is an experienced politician who managed to lead his party through all the vicissitudes of Russian reality for three decades.


The Russian people love to watch Vladimir Volfovich and listen to his political predictions. Enjoy the beauty of language and the logic of thinking.

How did one of the brightest, albeit sometimes extravagant, political thinkers and figures of our time emerge from a little boy who grew up in Kazakhstan? Where did this bright political star come from, where did it all begin for a little boy?

- Vladimir Volfovich, tell us, what was the New Year like in your childhood? Did you decorate the tree, what toys were on the tree?

- We, of course, decorated the tree, but it was post-war time, we did not live well, so there was no special variety of toys. Only some of the simplest cotton wool crafts or multi-colored glass balls.

Then it was customary to hang sweets on the branches of the spruce. There were very few of them, they were in short supply, so it was a great joy for the children to pluck the sweetness from the Christmas tree. I just like this, having plucked a Christmas tree from a branch, for the first time in my life tasted candy. At night, without asking, sneaked in and ate. It was the most delicious candy in my life!

- What were the winter fun in your childhood? Have you skated or played snowballs?

- As a child, we often played snowballs. This is the simplest and most natural fun. There is a lot of snow, it is clean, sticks well. They skated on skates - they were very, very simple then, just a blade that is tied to a felt boot, but they still needed to be obtained.

Even now I have retained my love for the simplest winter joys: walking on December 31 along a snow-covered street along which people rush home. Or go to the forest. I really like riding in a horse-drawn carriage, especially if it's a troika - a very Russian, dashing feeling arises. Last year, during the holidays, I rode at one of the Moscow region hippodromes.

It would be a mistake to talk with Zhirinovsky and not ask him about the future of Ukraine, about his forecast of the development of the situation in the neighboring country.

- You always make very bright geopolitical forecasts, including people who love you very much for them. What, in your opinion, awaits Ukraine in the foreseeable future?

- As Ukraine today - both those and those suffered, both pro-Western and pro-Russian - and the whole country is destroyed. For us, Anna, the example of Ukraine is useful. We can look at them and say: here is a revolution, at night armed people seized power, there were victims. And what did you come to after six years? To ruin.

Now the nearest armed conflict will be in Ukraine. And against Russia - Russians will fight, repainted as Ukrainians. This is the dream of the Germans, French, British, Americans - to strangle Russia with their own hands!

Fifty years ago, someone would have assumed that it would be so - they would have been shoved into a psychiatric hospital. What are you saying, how is it that the Soviet people will suddenly tear up the country, and brother against brother? But that's what happened!

So in 2021, some sabotage acts are possible in Ukraine, but everything will be stopped, any groups and attempts to provoke an armed conflict will be destroyed, all training centers for saboteurs will be destroyed.

In Ukraine, the difficult situation with the coronavirus will remain, because so far no vaccine is shining for them.They constantly say: we don't need a Russian vaccine, the Ukrainian leadership keeps repeating day and night: don't, we won't take it! So who offers it to them? We are talking about what we can give to any country if there are applications! But no, it is not necessary.

This festive conversation with Vladimir Volfovich Zhirinovsky completes a series of Anna Revyakina's New Year reports from the childhood of people who today, in one capacity or another, rule Russia. See you next year! Happy New Year! With new happiness!

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