Stars Who Gave Birth From Married Men

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Stars Who Gave Birth From Married Men
Stars Who Gave Birth From Married Men

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Svetlana Ivanova and Janik Fayziev


The personal life of Svetlana Ivanova has always caused heated discussions among the paparazzi. The girl even had to go to a fictitious marriage in 2009 to divert attention from herself. Three years later, the star had a daughter, but she did not disclose who her father was, however, rumors appeared in the media that the actress was having an affair with Janik, who has two children and an official wife. Four years later, all the rumors were justified, as the couple appeared at one of the events and confirmed that there is something more between them than just friendship.

Svetlana Khorkina and Kirill Shubsky

Thirteen years ago, the gymnast had her first child, but Svetlana preferred to hide this event from the media. As it became known, the child's father is Kirill Shubsky, who is raising three children together with his official wife. She met the rich and famous Kirill Khorkina at one of the gala dinners. The couple spent a long time spinning the novel, hiding from the eyes of strangers and keeping everything secret. However, Khorkina quickly got tired of being a mistress, because she looked at the relationship differently. She hastened to please her beloved with the news of the appearance of an heir, but he did not react the way the gymnast expected. He asked to keep this event a secret. Cyril took Svetlana from the hospital, but bluntly said that in the future they should not meet again.

Albina Dzhanabaeva and Valery Meladze

For ten years this singer hid her affair with married Meladze. During their meetings, the couple had two joint children. The actress knew perfectly well that Valery was married, but did not refuse his courtship, hiding everything from the public. In 2013, the singer gave a frank interview in which he told everything about the relationship with Albina and announced a divorce from his legal wife. He did not give up the children of Dzhanabaeva and said that he would help the singer in every possible way in raising and providing for the kids.

Julia Peresild and Alexey Uchitel

Information about the actress's personal life is a secret, covered in darkness, and even more so it is not clear from whom she gave birth to two children. But it became known that Julia had an affair with Alexei Uchitel, who is much older than her. The first baby was born just in the year when the joint shooting of celebrities in the film "Edge" took place. Also, Julia and Alexei often attend social events, having a warm conversation.

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