The Most Anticipated But Unexpected Meetings: How Children Find Their Parents

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The Most Anticipated But Unexpected Meetings: How Children Find Their Parents
The Most Anticipated But Unexpected Meetings: How Children Find Their Parents

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Recently, a resident of Syktyvkar found her lost father, whom she had been looking for for 24 years. "Arguments of the week" recalled other amazing cases of reunification of relatives.


In China, the parents found a son who had been kidnapped 32 years ago.

The Chinese couple reunited with their son after 32 years. Mao Yin was kidnapped in 1988 at the age of two. On the way home from kindergarten, the father stopped to bring his son water. The man was absent only for a few minutes, but upon his return the boy was no longer there. Mao was sought not only in his hometown, but also abroad. The child's mother put up hundreds of posters, handed out thousands of leaflets, and even quit her job to devote her time to finding the boy. However, Mao was never found.

The child was found many years later. The Xi'an police received information that several years after the disappearance of Mao Yin, there was evidence of his adoption. There was a request for a DNA test and it was positive.

The long-awaited meeting took place and the parents were able to reunite with their child. Mao Yin knows the story of his origin and now has no plans to part with his real parents.

Found a substitution after 40 years.

The birth was recorded on March 7, 1978 - four babies were born at once in one day. A few days later, when discharging, the obstetricians confused two girls - the daughters of Rimma Shvetsova and Yulia Savelyeva.

Rimma Shvetsova's suspicions appeared almost immediately after her return from the hospital with her daughter. But the young mother did not attach importance to suspicions. As my daughter grew older, doubts intensified. This became the basis for quarrels in the family, and it came to the divorce of the couple.

In the Savelyev family, on the contrary, they did not pay attention to the external dissimilarity. The fact that the daughter may turn out to be a stranger was found out only after her probable biological mother, Rimma Shvetsova, announced her suspicions.

In search of the truth, Rimma turned to the Let Them Talk program on Channel One, according to the lawyer. During the recording of the release, Shvetsova's doubts were confirmed - DNA tests showed Tatyana Savelyeva's relationship with the Shvetsovs, and Veronika Shvetsova's with the Savelyevs. Both families were shocked by the results.

Father and daughter found each other after 50 years.

The girl lost her father when she was only 3 years old. Lost not in the sense that he "died", but really the father was lost. The father, having quarreled with the girl's mother, left the family for personal reasons.

Many years later, the girl was already 51 years old, she decided to find her father. She found out about the existence of her half-sister, which she quickly found on the social network Facebook.

Having written a message to the girl, she did not even suspect that her father was sitting next to her. He contacted his 51-year-old daughter and arranged a meeting with her.

The meeting was emotional. The father found out about the existence of his grandchildren and great-grandchildren, of whom he did not even suspect.

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