The Most Important Events Of The Past Day: News Digest For November 24

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The Most Important Events Of The Past Day: News Digest For November 24
The Most Important Events Of The Past Day: News Digest For November 24

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Many events take place in the world every day. It is almost impossible to keep track of such a large flow of information, but there is a way out. We summarized the most interesting events in Kuzbass, Russia and the world in the news digest on VSE42.Ru.


1. A park with an area of ​​700 hectares with a cable car across the Tom will appear in Kemerovo

The day before, the Governor of Kuzbass Sergei Tsivilev discussed with the Russian Historical Society the creation of a 700-hectare park on the banks of the Tom river in Kemerovo. They plan to name the historical park "300 years of Kuzbass". At the same time, on its territory there will be Rudnichny Bor, the Krasnaya Gorka museum, the monument "In memory of the Kuzbass miners" and more. Moreover, the authorities decided to restore the cable car across the river.

Also, a new observation deck, pedestrian zones, the Museum of Mining Technology and the Coal Museum will be created in the park, and the old pier will be restored. In general, the park will unite 15 objects, including a school built by a Dutch architect. As planned by the authorities, this will allow organizing industrial tourism.

2. Flew 19 meters: there were details of the state of emergency with the victims at the Kuzbass state district power station

It became known under what circumstances two people crashed at the Kuzbass power plant. Workers were injured at the Tom-Usinskaya GRES in Myski due to overturned scaffolding during their dismantling, as they told the portal VSE42.Ru in SGK.

A worker with broken ribs was taken to the Miners' Health Center in Leninsk Kuznetsky, doctors assess the patient's condition as satisfactory. Another worker suffered a sprain. An inspection is being carried out on the spot, but it is already known that the injured person violated safety precautions: he did not use protective equipment to work at height.

3. The Kuzbass authorities commented on the information about the resignation of Sergei Kuznetsov

Rumors about the resignation of the mayor of Novokuznetsk, Sergei Kuznetsov, are unreliable. This was reported to VSE42.Ru by the press service of the regional government administration.

At the same time, the editors of the site failed to clarify whether Sergei Kuznetsov received a proposal from Sergei Tsivilev to resign from the post of mayor. Previously, information about this appeared in social networks and telegram channels.

1. The Russian authorities will simplify the receipt of child benefits for families

In Russia, they have found a way that will significantly simplify the procedure for receiving child benefits. Now Russians will not need to collect numerous supporting documents for the benefit - local authorities will be engaged in collecting information, which will make the registration procedure much easier. A bill to simplify the receipt of child benefits by families was developed by the Ministry of Economic Development.

“The implementation of the draft federal law will allow citizens to avoid applying for certificates of family composition and extracts from house books,” the Ministry of Economic Development reports, citing Izvestia.

2. The size of the pension will increase from the new year by 6.3% in Russia

Elena Bibikova, Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Social Policy, announced the indexation of insurance pension payments from January 1, 2021 by 6.3%. She stressed that the increase will be almost one and a half times higher than the inflation rate, which, in turn, will reach 3.7-3.8% next year; the pension, according to calculations, will increase by about 1,000 rubles.

In addition, from April 2021, social pensions will also increase, at the moment it is planned to increase by 2.6%, but adjustments are possible. Writes about this "Parlamentskaya Gazeta".

3. The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia signed a decree on changes in driver's licenses

A document was published on the website of legal information, which talks about the innovations adopted for the registration of driver's licenses and vehicle passports (PTS). This decree was signed by the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Vladimir Kolokoltsev.

So, for example, in the vehicle registration certificate, it will now be necessary to register the engine power; the owners of those cars, whose registration period is limited, must indicate the period of state registration. Writes about this

1. An English schoolgirl accidentally gave birth to a child in the toilet

The girl regularly came to the medical facility to receive a contraceptive injection. On one of the visits, she passed a pregnancy test, which showed a positive result. The doctors decided that the baby was conceived five to six weeks ago. Three days later, Amy felt intense pain. She hoped it was a sign of constipation and went to the toilet. The girl spent 45 minutes there and after that she found a newborn boy in the toilet.

The mother helped Amy cut the baby's umbilical cord, after which the girl and the baby were hospitalized. Doctors found that the baby was born at 38 weeks of gestation, the weight of the newborn was 2523 grams. The mother and son are perfectly healthy, Metro reports.

2. An eleven-year-old girl with her bare hands rescued a shark from a "trap" in Australia

An 11-year-old Australian resident noticed a small shark entangled in algae in shallow water during a family outing. She decided to help the aquatic predator by freeing her.

She took the shark with her bare hands and carried it over the rocks to a place where the dangerous fish could swim on its own. During the provision of assistance, she actively resisted, but there was no incident, the shark safely swam away. The incident was filmed by the girl's mother.

3.19-year-old American was left without half of his body after an accident

A guy from the United States, who worked as a truck driver at a construction site, fell into a great height, after which he was crushed by a car. As a result, the young man lost half of his body, but remained alive.

The survivor's girlfriend said that her boyfriend has to be creative enough to handle things on his own. It is noted that the American has learned to put on a prosthesis without assistance, and can also sit down himself, reports information from a foreign publication.

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