A Friendly Gesture: How A Woman Who Was Born Without A Uterus Became A Mother

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A Friendly Gesture: How A Woman Who Was Born Without A Uterus Became A Mother
A Friendly Gesture: How A Woman Who Was Born Without A Uterus Became A Mother

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Kitty Cunningham was 16 years old when she learned of her diagnosis from doctors. The girl was worried why she still had not started her period, and decided to undergo an examination. It turned out that she had Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome (MRKH), in which the uterus is underdeveloped or absent altogether. As Kitty grew up, she began to be tormented by the thought that she would never be able to give birth to a child. Nevertheless, fate gave her the chance to become a mother. Find out how this happened from our material. Kitty is now 32 years old. She remembers well the moment when she heard about her diagnosis 16 years ago. Then the girl had not yet thought about future children, but when she started a family, it became a painful topic for her. Husband James took everything as it is, but the British woman dreamed of a child. She understood that surrogacy would be the only way out for them, but she was not sure if it was necessary.


In 2018, the couple began collecting information about surrogacy. They attended events where parents-to-be could mingle with women willing to carry their baby. At one of these meetings, the couple met 34-year-old Gemma Black.

Gemma was 14 weeks pregnant carrying her first surrogate child. Kitty and James became friends with her and began to communicate a lot. Soon, the couple decided that Gemma would become a surrogate mother for their baby.

Thanks to the warm relationship, it was easy for the spouses to confide in their new friend. Kitty's embryo was fertilized with James's sperm, and 6 days after it was implanted into Gemma's uterus, the pregnancy test showed a positive result.

The couple was in seventh heaven with happiness, expecting the birth of a child. They supported Gemma throughout her pregnancy and saw each other almost every day, except for quarantine.

Kitty and James met the surrogate mother's family and her children. They often went out together on picnics and walked in the park. When quarantine broke out, the couple regularly communicated with Gemma by phone.

Gemma decided to give birth at home in the water. Doctors warned that the child is large, and complications may arise, but the future parents supported the desire of the surrogate mother. The baby was born in the pool at home.

During childbirth, Kitty was next to Gemma in the pool. She immediately took her son in her arms. Fortunately, everything went well. The couple realized that they made the right decision, trusting in the experience of a friend - a surrogate mother.

Baby Jasper was born on October 4, he weighed 4 kg. The boy's parents were constantly nearby during childbirth.

Kitty has a hard time believing she's become a mom. The son is very similar to her. The Briton says that 16 years of experience melted into six hours of labor. All the bad things are left behind, and she is grateful to Gemma for giving their family boundless happiness.

The couple continue to communicate with Gemma. The surrogate mother has become a true friend of the family.

Gemma says that the decision about surrogacy came to her by itself. The woman enjoys being pregnant, and childbirth is fairly easy. She is glad that she is helping childless couples fulfill their dream of becoming parents.

How do you feel about surrogacy?

Meanwhile, the grandmother became a surrogate mother for her own granddaughter. Her daughter also had a congenital anomaly, like Kitty's - the absence of a uterus.

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