The Expert Explained The Reasons For The High Aggression At The Protests In The Netherlands

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The Expert Explained The Reasons For The High Aggression At The Protests In The Netherlands
The Expert Explained The Reasons For The High Aggression At The Protests In The Netherlands

Video: The Expert Explained The Reasons For The High Aggression At The Protests In The Netherlands

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Video: Looting, violence, protests over Netherlands curfew 2023, February

“Now the next parliamentary elections are on the way in Holland, so it is not surprising that certain political forces are organizing such mass fights and pogroms,” political analyst Vladimir Kornilov told the VZGLYAD newspaper, commenting on the riots that gripped Holland.


“Holland is famous for its social guarantees and benefits, but taxes are also high there. After all the calculations, it turns out that the standard of living in the country by Western standards is not so high. And the bans introduced due to the coronavirus, especially the curfew, hit a number of businesses hard,”explained political scientist Vladimir Kornilov, who lived in Holland for a long time.

The expert explains the intensity of aggression by the tough measures taken by the police during the crackdown: "The Netherlands, seemingly the most liberal country in Europe, is distinguished by very strict rules for organizing rallies and processions." According to Kornilov, in the Netherlands, any violator of the procedure for holding a rally will face a fine, and crowds of participants in illegal rallies are dispersed by mounted police patrols. “This time, the toughness of the police met with a tough response," the expert notes.

The political scientist also noted that migrants remain the driving force behind many clashes with the police: “One can recall that the government that is now retiring came to power after it itself provoked fights between local youth on ethnic grounds with the Turkish diaspora. It is thanks to these clashes that the party of the current acting. Prime Minister Mark Rutte won the required number of votes in the last parliamentary elections.

“The next parliamentary elections are just around the corner, so it’s not surprising that certain political forces are also organizing such mass fights and pogroms. It is not excluded that these unrest were provoked by the same forces that are in power,”the interlocutor suggests.

Recall that during the riots in the Netherlands, which broke out after the imposition of a curfew, detained

at least 70 people.

Riots, which began over the weekend, are observed in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and other cities. In a number of cities, demonstrations escalated into pogroms - hooligans smashed shop windows and threw stones and firecrackers at the police. An attempt was made to blow up one of the pedestrian bridges in Amsterdam. To disperse the protesters, the authorities brought in special forces.

And about. Finance Minister Vopke Hoekstra said the Netherlands would not lift the curfew due to the riots. And about. Justice and Security Minister Ferdinand Grapperhaus also added that the police are already looking for those who perpetrated the pogroms. The perpetrators face not only a fine, but also imprisonment. And about. Prime Minister Mark Rutte supported the actions of the police.

The main discontent is caused by the measures to combat the coronavirus. Since mid-December, an almost total quarantine has been introduced in the Netherlands - all shops that do not sell food and essential goods, as well as gyms and cultural and entertainment institutions, have been closed. In addition, a curfew came into effect on 23 January.

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