Tyumen Surgeons Saved A Child With A Rare Pathology

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Tyumen Surgeons Saved A Child With A Rare Pathology
Tyumen Surgeons Saved A Child With A Rare Pathology

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Pediatric surgeons at Regional Clinical Hospital 2 in Tyumen operated on a nine-month-old girl with a doubling of the esophagus. Such a rare pathology occurs in one out of 5 thousand people, the Ural Meridian news agency told the press service of OKB 2.


“The pregnancy of little Catherine’s mother was developing normally, there were no problems even after childbirth. When the child was one month old, during an ultrasound scan of the abdominal cavity, the doctors of the polyclinic discovered a cyst with a diameter of less than 1 cm. This is how the baby got to the pediatric surgeons of OKB 2,”said Anastasia Dembitskaya, press secretary of the Regional Clinical Hospital 2.

The operation was performed using a gentle technique. In the evening, the child took food by mouth, and after 24 hours he was sent home with his mother.

As Anastasia Dembitskaya told the correspondent of the IA "Ural Meridian", the doctors of OKB 2 determined the diagnosis using computed tomography, using a contrast agent.

“Pathology is really rare. For example, the head of the Department of Pediatric Surgery of the Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Yuri Sokolov, met this disease only twice in the last 10 years of practice. In such cases, surgery is a prerequisite for maintaining the patient's health. Tyumen surgeons removed the pathological esophagus without damaging the main one. It took only a few punctures in the abdominal cavity, the traces of which are almost invisible, and in the future they will not be seen at all,”said Anastasia Dembitskaya.

The mother of nine-month-old Ekaterina is grateful to the doctors and nurses who participated in the treatment of her baby.

“It is nice to know that even very difficult defects are treated here in Tyumen, and parents with children do not need to go anywhere to get help. My girl is now absolutely healthy,”said Galina.

Preview photo: OKB 2 press service / Tyumen

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