7 Reasons To Ask Your Child To Draw Right Now

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7 Reasons To Ask Your Child To Draw Right Now
7 Reasons To Ask Your Child To Draw Right Now

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We will tell you how the habit of drawing will help in the development of memory, attention, math skills and much more.


A drawing of a child is a matter of pride for every parent. Many will be surprised if they find out that the main thing in children's creativity is not the result at all, but the process. This is why drawing has become as important a part of preschool and primary education as sports or music.

The benefits a child receives from drawing are immeasurable. These activities affect the development of the speech apparatus, help them learn better, and make children resistant to stress. And that's just the beginning of the list.

Yuri Sokolov, Marketing Director of the Artist Online School, talks about how drawing reveals a child's abilities and what benefits regular creativity will bring.

Develops fine motor skills

The Soviet teacher Vasily Aleksandrovich Sukhomlinsky once said: "The mind of a child is at the tips of his fingers." For a long time, no one needs to prove that fine motor skills (the ability to perform fine and precise movements with the hands and fingers and toes) is important. It is associated with attention, memory, vision and the nervous system and, due to the close location of the speech and motor centers in the brain, with speech.

Of course, fine motor skills develop naturally from birth, but there are ways to speed up the process.

Agility, reaction speed and even beautiful handwriting are links of the same chain, so you should at least try to captivate the child with music, modeling or drawing.

Improves memory and attention

Drawing involves the parts of the brain associated with holding and transforming images. In a sense, to draw any object is to remember it. Drawing from nature or sketching, a child turns to the same object many times, studies it in detail, fixes physical properties: color, volume, texture, proportions.

And in the process of drawing "from the head" - he reproduces what he has already learned about the world around him.

Little artists often face a lack of the necessary knowledge: this makes them notice more nuances, be observant and attentive.

Influences creativity

It is for the sake of creativity that many parents strive to introduce children to artistic creativity. Drawing develops out-of-the-box thinking and teaches you to see different options for the development of events. Just think: every stroke, every movement of the brush is a choice that will lead to a new result in the future. Also, by drawing, children learn to use their mistakes as a chance to create something new.

So, from a random blot, an outlandish beast suddenly appears, and an incorrectly drawn line suggests a new plot to the little artist.

Develops imagination, spatial and associative thinking

Drawing gives the child the opportunity to partially fulfill their fantasies by transferring them to paper.

How to draw a unicorn? First, you need to remember how a horse and a rainbow look, and then - smaller details: how a horse's mane flutters in the wind, how the fur shines, how one color flows into another, how glowing objects look, and so on. And the more the child knows about the world around him, the more convincing his most fantasy works will look.

It is not surprising that a child who is able to vividly imagine literary heroes or historical events will better master the school curriculum in literature and history. But a developed imagination helps not only in the study of the humanities.

For example, in drawing classes, children learn to navigate in space, develop an eye and get an idea of ​​what a projection of a three-dimensional image on a plane is.

All this knowledge is the key to comprehending mathematical and physical models that are difficult for a child in the future.

Gives emotional stability and the ability to tell about yourself

Drawing is a very meditative activity, it helps to calm down and come to balance, especially when you are focused on the process, not the result. Therefore, it is especially useful for children prone to whims and neuroses to draw. Creativity is an effective method of dealing with stress, which is no less (and sometimes even more) in the life of a child than in the life of an adult. It provides an opportunity to let go of negative emotions and distract yourself from unpleasant thoughts.

The drawing can tell a lot about the personality of the child, his current emotional state. Psychologists have been using this for a long time: remember tests in which you are asked to draw a non-existent animal, house, tree and person, or, for example, Luscher's color test.

With the help of creativity, the child will be able to tell what he does not yet know how to put into words - this is his value.

Drawing is a way to express yourself and get to know yourself better in the process.

Teaches you to be result-oriented

The result of the creative process is the finished work. By drawing, children learn the important skill of completing what they have begun and correcting the mistakes the teacher points out to them.

If the mistake cannot be corrected, the child will learn to accept it philosophically. You can always start over. The second time, and taking into account previous experience, the work will certainly go easier.

In the future, this approach will be very useful when you need to finish a boring school project.

Knowing about the benefits of drawing, we created the Artist Online school two years ago. And, although it was originally conceived as an affordable distance art school for adults, our students are increasingly starting to draw with their children. We think this is a great idea, because the best way to instill interest in something in a child is to infect him with your own example!

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