Meet The Best Wives And Mothers Of Nizhny Novgorod

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Meet The Best Wives And Mothers Of Nizhny Novgorod
Meet The Best Wives And Mothers Of Nizhny Novgorod

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Strelyaeva Ekaterina, 28 years old


Profession: chief specialist of the personnel training department, by first education profession: psychologist, teacher of psychology

One child: daughter Alisa (11 months)

Hobbies: Russian bath, relaxation with friends, mountain skiing

The secret of a happy family life: Our family contains all the points for family happiness, because to appreciate, respect, protect and love are common things for us. The main thing is to live in harmony with your family, do not pay attention to trifles and do not stop there.

Ambassador Daria, 34 years old

Four sons

Profession: Veterinarian, lawyer

Hobbies: animals, dogs, photography, cakes, knitting, traveling

Secret: Mom must first take care of her needs! Then about the needs of her husband and only then about the needs of children from elder to younger.

Nazarova Maria, 41 years old

Three children: 15 years old, 9 years old, 8 months

Profession: Fitness instructor, PoleSport trainer

Hobbies: dancing, traveling with the whole family

Secret: be able to enjoy the little things

Bulanova Vera, 35 years old

One daughter, 7 years old

Profession: economist, coach. I work as an entrepreneur - my own company, I am engaged in Business tourism and the organization of business events

Hobby coincides with the field of activity - travel

The secret of a happy family is to give each other the freedom that everyone needs. And you can immediately notice if you need this freedom. But the very fact and awareness of this freedom works wonders.

Tarasova Anna, 30 years old

Two children: daughter and son

Profession: Human Resources Manager

Hobbies: Theater, psychology, fitness, travel

The secret of a happy family: listen and hear each other, be able to compromise.

Bogdanova Maria, 34 years old

Two children, 10 years old, twin sons

Profession: senior manager of the sales department of a fitness club

Hobbies: sports, singing, reading, traveling

Secret: There is no universal recipe, everything is very individual. But I am sure that a woman is responsible for family relationships, and the atmosphere at home and the comfort of household members depend on her mood and state. My personal secret is balance. Be a wife, mother, mistress of the house, but do not forget that you are, first of all, a person. Therefore, I am actively working and the range of my interests is very wide. It's interesting for me to live! This is probably why it is never boring in our family.

Zernova Natalia, 30 years old

Two daughters: 3 years 9 months and 1 year 9 months

Profession: Engineer-estimator

Hobbies: Running, knitting, I like to do something with my own hands

Happy wife and mother: this is a self-sufficient and self-fulfilling woman.

Irina Golubkova, 36 years old

One child Plato, plays hockey

Profession: psychologist

Hobby: I am fond of make-up and combine profession and passion in work. I am organizing events and have great pleasure. I love animals.

The Secret to Family Happiness: We adhere to family traditions. We play tennis, cook dinner together, read books. The main secret is to be feminine, tolerant, smile more often and, of course, support each other and the ability to forgive.

Lyubov Kotova, 38 years old

One child, daughter

Profession: CEO in a construction company

Hobby: I am fond of everything related to fashion and beauty

The secret of a happy family lies in a woman's ability to be "flexible", in her understanding of what really power is behind her every thought, word and deed!

Lazarenko Elena, 52 years old

Profession: singer, artist. Leader of the Gypsy ensemble, chairman of the center of Gypsy culture in Nizhny Novgorod. I have a gypsy dance studio for children. I am a choreographer and program director in the ensemble.

Eight children

Hobbies: dancing, drawing, music, poetry, classes with children.

The secret of a happy family is to love children, your family, smile no matter what, rejoice at every day you live, thank God for everything you have, dream and believe.

Nadezhda Bykova, 34 years old

Profession: Happy wife and mother of a son

One child: Georgy, 5 years old

Hobby: master teddist - I am fond of sewing soft toys. And creating realistic flowers from cold porcelain. Co-owner of a studio for renting dresses for events and photo shoots.

Secret from a Happy Wife and Mom: It is very important that the husband and wife have time for their own hobbies. After all, a hobby makes a person happy. Generosity in a relationship is necessary, know how to give and give just like that, for the good of your loved one. The most important thing is to love each other from a pure heart. And only by our example, we adults can teach our children, love, respect and reverent attitude to all living things.

Elena Malova, 36 years old

Profession: Singer, host and event organizer

Hobby: in my free time I am engaged in soutache sewing and jewelry

Three children

The secret of our family is organization and freedom. Each of us is a personality and the task of a mother and wife is to support initiatives and develop the strengths of the character of their children and husband.

Daria Nabieva, 24 years old

One child: Victor 2 years 1 month

Profession: Financier

Hobbies: snowboarding, fire show, fitness, traveling, cooking

The secret of a happy family life is that you need to give in and hear your loved ones more often!

Yulia Kozhukhar, 36 years old

Three children: Alice 8 years old, Vlas 6 years old, Nicole 1 year old.

Profession: Film director, designer, photographer, manager

Hobbies: Vocals, painting, props, flowers

The secret of family happiness: Do not stand still, movement is life! Live for today, be sure to make plans for tomorrow and for the future. Prioritize correctly. Everyone asks me: "How do I manage everything?" Probably without the support of relatives, my beloved people, "moving mountains" would not have been possible. Yes, and I do not have time for many things that I want. But in general, I don't need much for happiness, everything is there!

Godunova Tatiana, 34 years old

One child, son

Profession: Innovation Marketer

Hobbies: Stained glass painting, scrapbooking, vocals

The secret of a happy family: do everything with love.

Gryaznova Tatiana, 34 years old

Three children: daughter 13 years old, two boys 10 and 8 years old

Profession: Riding coach, rehabilitation therapist

Hobbies: horse riding, also like theater

The Secret from a Better Mom: Give kids a sense of confidence. A confident child is a happy child!

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