The Governor Of The Vladimir Region Confirmed COVID-19

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The Governor Of The Vladimir Region Confirmed COVID-19
The Governor Of The Vladimir Region Confirmed COVID-19

Video: The Governor Of The Vladimir Region Confirmed COVID-19

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Video: Coronavirus outbreak: Putin eases lockdown measures as Russia sees record rise in COVID-19 cases 2023, February



The governor of the Vladimir region confirmed COVID-19.

Vladimir Sipyagin announced this in his


in social networks.

Recall that a day earlier, the head of the 33rd region said that he felt unwell and called a doctor at home. This message caused


negative comments from ordinary residents of the province, who in similar conditions are forced to go to the clinic and cannot call a doctor at home.

Under the second post on the results of the PCR test, people also wrote about how testing actually happens in the region:

Maya T: How quickly do your doctors work! Respect to them! And now we are going through all the experiments with a temperature under 39: which of the available antibiotics will help us! For taking an analysis for Covid, apparently, we are not suitable externally!

Olga P.: Vladimir Vladimirovich, do you deliberately incite negative feelings towards your personality? Why write posts, oh, I'm sick. The doctor flew in, the analysis came within 24 hours … It's just blasphemy. You just wipe your feet on us.

Elena M.: How quickly, but mere mortals wait for 2-3 weeks.

Nastya Ts.: They say the laboratories are overwhelmed, they can't cope … but it turns out - one day, and the analysis is ready! They will probably also be sent to CT for free … without a queue …

In addition, it became known that just a couple of days before the illness, Vladimir Sipyagin had a meeting with his deputy Remiga and the deputy of the Legislative Assembly Antov. The photographs leaked to the network show that during the meeting Sipyagin was traditionally without a mask. According to the federal Rospotrebnadzor, it is 2 days before the onset of symptoms that they are most infectious in case of coronavirus infection.

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