Who Will Get The Children?

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Who Will Get The Children?
Who Will Get The Children?

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On September 24, at the suggestion of the Governor Vladimir Sipyagin, amendments were made to the law "On social support and social services for certain categories of citizens in the Vladimir region." This was approved by regional parliamentarians and it is noted that, they say, the amendments were necessary. Yes, a number of provisions of the new edition are logical. For example, the conditions have been added under which payments to low-income families with children aged 3 to 7 years inclusive are not assigned: in the event of the death of a child or an excess of the average per capita family income over the subsistence level.

No child - no one to receive benefits for. The family has left the ranks of the poor - it will also be able to live without benefits.

But then there are oddities. Children's allowances for a child can be received by a parent who does not live with the child. Here the logic is that there is no child and no child for our regional authorities, apparently it does not work.

When Sipyagin just thought of making this amendment, TV-MIG wrote how this could turn out, for example, for divorced women:

“If the law is adopted with such a wording, it will actually doom 95% of divorced women in the Vladimir region to race for benefits with their ex-husbands. Why 95%? That is how many women, according to the bailiffs, after a divorce are forced to apply for the calculation and collection of alimony to the courts and the FSSP, since the "fathers" of their own free will not pay the money they need to raise their children.

This problem - the race for the accrual of "coronavirus" benefits for children - has already manifested itself when federal payments of 10,000 rubles were assigned for children from 3 to 16 years old. The law did not prescribe a restriction on living together with children, and payments were simply assigned to the parent who applied first. It turned out that in divorced families, payments were quickly drawn up by those of the parents who do not live with their children. As a rule, these are fathers (although not always). And when the child's mother also applied for benefits, she was answered: "The payment has already been transferred to the other parent." There are a lot of such cases. It is very difficult to return the money after the transfer - you have to go to court and prove that the money was not spent on the child."

And then it happened. The law has been passed. Thanks for this, women-mothers of the Vladimir region can say to the governor Sipyagin and the deputies of the Legislative Assembly, most of whom are also men.

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