How Governor Sipyagin Worked And Enjoyed Himself In Crimea

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How Governor Sipyagin Worked And Enjoyed Himself In Crimea
How Governor Sipyagin Worked And Enjoyed Himself In Crimea

Video: How Governor Sipyagin Worked And Enjoyed Himself In Crimea

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Video: Artek, Crimea - Reality versus ⚠️ BBC Propaganda ⚠️ 2023, January

Photo from resource, TV-MIG archive


Most recently, Governor Sipyagin posted on his Instagram account that he passed a PCR test for coronavirus infection and even isolated himself. Recall that the need for these actions for the head of the 33rd region arose after his official trip to Crimea. Upon returning to the Vladimir province, it became known that during his visit, Sipyagin was in contact with a patient with COVID-19.

The post on social networks of the Vladimir governor appeared on July 31. And yesterday the federal edition LIFE published a photo and video from "Vladimir Sipyagin's vacation on the Crimean land in the company of a young person."

“However, Life has other photos and videos at its disposal, where Sipyagin bask in the sun in the company of a new passion. And while the Vladimir region suffocates from CoViD-19 and the associated economic problems, the governor (apparently, in between photo shoots for Instagram) smiles cheerfully at his assistant Lisa and pats her sweetly on the textured bottom in the relaxed atmosphere of the hotel. And in the evenings, judging by the photos, they are clearly not talking about social problems."

It is known that Vladimir Sipyagin is the father of at least 5 children (it is rumored that he also has a sixth child from his last common-law wife Maria Astafieva) from different women.

It was with these children that Sipyagin posed for his election campaign, showing what a wonderful father he is, and for the uninitiated into the governor's turbulent personal life, he was also a family man.

True, immediately upon coming to power, Zhirinovsky's falcon began a systematic attack on family values. For example, he deprived veterans who have been married for 50 years or more of cash payments of 1000 rubles for each lived year, replacing them with a handout of 10 thousand rubles and some kind of useless souvenir.

Now Sipyagin is initiating the right of parents who do not live with children (mainly fathers who are divorced or left their families) to receive state payments for their children.

What other idea will come to his head?

P.S. In the last year, the number of marriages in the region has declined, as has the number of children born. But the mortality rate is growing. In fact, the current provincial government is destroying the institution of the family in the 33rd region by all available means: legislative and technological, through the popularization of a different way of life.

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