The Main Mother Of Kazakhstan: Sara Nazarbayeva - 80

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The Main Mother Of Kazakhstan: Sara Nazarbayeva - 80
The Main Mother Of Kazakhstan: Sara Nazarbayeva - 80

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Sara Nazarbayeva - 80. The wife of the first president of Kazakhstan devoted her whole life to raising her daughters and taking care of other people's children. She founded the Bobek Charitable Foundation and the SOS Children's Village, where she helped thousands of kids find a family. About the achievements of Sara Nazarbayeva - in the material of the correspondent of "MIR 24" Kirill Kharlamov.

On her birthday at the international forum "Self-knowledge" Sara Nazarbayeva was awarded the most honorable pedagogical award - the Order of the Honored Teacher of Kazakhstan. Let because of the pandemic and remotely. Colleagues in the hall: teachers, university rectors.

“The most important goal of any person is to be able to love oneself. A person who does not love himself can neither respect nor love anyone. To love and to be loved. How can we achieve this? Good deeds, pure thoughts, an open heart. Endure any difficulties with dignity,”said Sara Nazarbayeva, wife of the first president of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev.

This is the motto of her life. Sara was born in the Karaganda region in 1941. When she was five, her mother died. At the age of 12, Sarah dropped out of school and went to a garment factory. In the 1960s she worked at a metallurgical plant. There I met Nursultan Nazarbayev, both sang in the choir.

They were united by the love of singing. In the choir of the Karaganda metallurgical plant, the girl Sarah sang, who liked Nursultan Nazarbayev. The chance helped them to get closer. A blast furnace broke down in the workshop, and a substation worker came to see how metallurgists are coping with the breakdown.

For many years Sarah Alpysovna was the first lady of Kazakhstan. She took care of the future generation of the country. On her initiative, the Bobek charitable foundation was created. Its main mission is to provide children with moral and spiritual education.

She also created special villages for children left without parents. There are no usual educators in the children's villages. Children call their mentors "moms." Lyubov Efimenkova is one of them. He often calls his former wards. Communication is not interrupted.

“And I got used to it, and the children got used to it, and then we created such a strong family. 18 years have passed, and all the children communicate with each other, which is important,”said Lyubov Efimenkova, mother-educator of“SOS - Children's Villages of Kazakhstan”.

There is a mother behind every successful person, says Lyubov Efimenkova. In the children's village, the pupils always had two of them - she and Sara Nazarbayeva.

“When she came into the house, she took off her shoes, although we offered her not to take off her shoes. But she said that she could not, she said: “You have carpets here,” and so on,”recalls Lyubov Efimenkova.

The experience of children's villages created by Sara Nazarbayeva was adopted in other CIS countries. Thousands of children have found families. In Kazakhstan, they call her that: the main mother of the country.

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