Give The Go-ahead: The New Year Campaign "Good Room" Has Ended In The Moscow Region

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Give The Go-ahead: The New Year Campaign "Good Room" Has Ended In The Moscow Region
Give The Go-ahead: The New Year Campaign "Good Room" Has Ended In The Moscow Region

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In Elektrostal, a charity event ended in which New Year's gifts were presented to children undergoing treatment in hospitals in the Moscow region. On New Year's Eve, activists of the United Russia party and caring residents of the region were collecting gifts in the “Kind Rooms” of the region for children who are currently undergoing treatment or rehabilitation in hospitals in the Moscow Region. The action was initiated by the deputy of the Moscow Regional Duma, head of the Good Room project, Linara Samedinova. For 2 years of the project's existence, 51 good rooms have been opened in 41 cities of the Moscow region. Members of the United Russia party from 64 municipalities took part in the New Year's Eve action: they independently organized the collection of gifts, and then personally came to Elektrostal and put toys under the tree. “We are trying to make the hospital environment as comfortable as possible for her young patients. So that children are not lonely without their parents, because many are alone in the wards. Games provide an opportunity for distraction and easier to endure daily routines. Every year we also organize an entertainment program for children, we invite Ded Moroz and Snegurochka,”said Linara Samedinova. The action lasted for several days: there was a Christmas tree in the Park Plaza shopping center, to which everyone could bring their gifts. For the participants, the organizers provided separate souvenirs: letters from Santa Claus and Snegurochka, as well as branded Christmas tree decorations with the logo of the Good Room project - a bear cub Umka. Linara Samedinova noted that the year was not easy. “Unfortunately, due to restrictive measures, we cannot repeat the usual format. But all those who were not indifferent actively joined the new format, took part in the action and prepared gifts for those who now find it difficult to create a New Year's mood,”the deputy commented. In five days, we managed to collect more than 1000 gifts for children of all ages: books, construction sets, logic and board games, even plasma TVs. They will now be distributed and delivered to hospitals in the region by December 31st. “We have already delivered some of the gifts to the hospitals of Pavlovsky Posad, Elektrostal and to the new“Good room”on the basis of the Moscow Regional Research Clinical Institute named after MF Vladimirsky. In a medical institution, the room was created with the support of the Governor of the Moscow Region, Andrei Vorobyov. Work on painting the walls started in March, but the arrangement of the room was discontinued until December. The gaming zone here was opened only recently, before the New Year holidays,”Samedinova concluded. The Good Room is a regional party project of the United Russia party. As part of its implementation, children's spaces are being created in medical institutions. Soft floor, walls illustrated with cartoon characters and fairy tales, educational and creative games are the mandatory standards of the project. Everything is aimed at creating an atmosphere in which children are most comfortable to spend their time in the hospital.

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