A "children's Room" Was Opened In Krasnogorsk Hospital No. 2

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A "children's Room" Was Opened In Krasnogorsk Hospital No. 2
A "children's Room" Was Opened In Krasnogorsk Hospital No. 2

Video: A "children's Room" Was Opened In Krasnogorsk Hospital No. 2

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In the children's somatic department of Krasnogorsk city hospital 2, the head of Krasnogorsk Elmira Khaimurzina, deputy of the Moscow Regional Duma Linara Samedinova and deputy regional manager of the Krasnogorsk subsidiary of Vozrozhdenie bank Natalya Guseva opened the Good Room. This is a regional project of the United Russia party to create children's play areas in medical institutions in the Moscow region.


- The hospital is not the most fun place for either an adult or, even more so, for a child. Therefore, let the time that the children spend here be a little brightened up by staying in this cozy corner. We are opening the first room today, next week we are opening the second room in the pediatric surgical department at Krasnogorsk City Hospital 1,”noted Elmira Khaimurzina.

The main plot, taken as the basis for the design of the rooms, was the story of a kind cartoon about the bear Umka and his mother, as a symbol of parental love, family and comfort. Toys and a TV, sofas and a Christmas tree - all this to distract children from treatment.

The project began to develop thanks to the initiative of the deputy of the Moscow Regional Duma, a member of the United Russia faction, Lenara Samedinova.

- The very idea came up last December, on the eve of the New Year holidays, when we congratulated the kids in the hospital and saw how sad they were. Of course, we wanted to create at least some kind of festive mood for them, to brighten up their stay in clinics and hospitals. By the end of December this year, we plan to commission 60 such rooms in the region, - explained Lenara Samedinova.

Every year Krasnogorsk hospitals receive over 3,000 small patients, with an average stay of 10 days. "Kind Rooms" will help children go through the rehabilitation period faster and return home.

Source: Ministry of Energy of the Moscow Region

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