There Are No Other People's Children, Or The Secret Of The "Good Room"

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There Are No Other People's Children, Or The Secret Of The "Good Room"
There Are No Other People's Children, Or The Secret Of The "Good Room"

Video: There Are No Other People's Children, Or The Secret Of The "Good Room"

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Linara Samedinova, a deputy of the Moscow Regional Duma, initiator of the Good Room program, answers the questions of the Zemlyak publication.


Zemlyak: - Linara Raimovna, how did the idea of ​​creating a "Good Room" appear?

L. Samedinova: - The idea came about when we congratulated the children of the central city hospital in the city of Elektrostal Happy New Year. After the animation program, I went to congratulate the children who could not personally take part in the holiday, and I saw how children who got there through social protection, the commission on minors' affairs, from the street, etc. are being kept there. There were green monochromatic walls of an unpleasant color, the absence of even ordinary blinds and, in general, window decoration, an iron crib and a minimal set of toys. The nanny was forced to close the children in the wards, because she served many others. The very young children were left alone in the room. Considering that it was New Year's holidays and the fact that I myself recently became a mother, I was doubly sorry for these children. I wanted to somehow influence this situation. From the real one it was possible to make a children's playroom in the Electrostal hospital. We chose a place with the head physician - this is a hall - so that children who came along the social line, and children who are with their parents (as a rule, this is up to 6 years old) could visit the children's playroom in their free time from procedures. That is, the nanny collects social children who have ended up in the hospital along this line, and in their free time takes them to the playroom. There they can watch cartoons, read books, play board games and so on.

- What must be in such premises?

- Based on the results of the monitoring, which we conducted by the forces of the United Russia party in the summer, we realized that there are children's play areas in almost all hospitals and clinics. As a rule, they provide for an age limit for children from 3-4 years old, when children are already walking, standing, sitting on their own. However, they do not at all provide for the presence of children from zero, who are still crawling, just starting to sit. There were no floor coverings anywhere in our medical facilities. It is the first prerequisite. The second condition we took was graffiti or the so-called painting of the walls. We took Umka as the symbol of our project - this is a Soyuzmultfilm character that indirectly refers to our party, because it was the party that supported the implementation of my initiative and was able to scale it to the territory of the entire Moscow region.

Children's play elements are also compulsory. Somewhere these are themed corners, for example, a kitchen or a hairdresser's, a carpenter's set, but this is already the desire of every municipality and hospital in particular. In addition, there is a table and highchairs for children to read, color pictures, and play board games.

These can be large-sized safe toys for children from zero years old, mostly, of course, educational ones. If possible - TV to watch cartoons.

- How is the selection of suppliers of furniture and toys carried out, the selection of contractors for the repair and arrangement of premises? What kind of coating is used in good rooms?

- I would like to note that the project is being implemented exclusively on a charitable basis and at the expense of sponsors. Not a penny of budgetary funds is attracted for the project, so we turned, first of all, to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Moscow Region. I made a video conference call and asked my colleagues to support our initiative.Thus, each municipal entity where there is a chamber of commerce and industry, one way or another, has already joined in the implementation of the project. Another source is the local councils of deputies, mainly, of course, the United Russia faction.

Although we have a successful practice in g.o. Korolev, when deputies of different parties joined in the creation of a children's playroom. It is also Bank Vozrozhdenie, which provides sponsorship at the regional level and helps literally every project-participant. And this is the Eco cover company, which implements its work in Noginsk. From them we supply floor coverings to the participating municipalities through a charitable organization. Each municipality determines its own project support at the municipal level. As a rule, these are suppliers of products to our kindergartens who have licenses and certificates for their goods and services that they provide.

- Do you plan to implement the project not only in hospitals?

- The project was originally conceived precisely in the somatic departments of hospitals, where children lie and are treated for a long period of time, but when we started to implement the project, polyclinics began to contact us with a request to create such children's play areas in the waiting areas for doctors. As a rule, these are the areas of vaccination, procedural, waiting areas for doctors of the general module, that is, the same pediatricians and narrow-profile specialists. Therefore, we did not confine ourselves only to hospitals, but also to polyclinics.

- What are your plans for creating "good rooms" in regional hospitals? Will they be available in all children's departments of hospitals? How much time and money will it take?

- We set ourselves ambitious goals to visit every clinic and every hospital, but, naturally, we work on request from medical institutions. If a hospital or polyclinic has been overhauled, or created from scratch and recently built, as a rule, such rooms are already provided for, and we go to these institutions last, and only if they have such a need. First of all, we go to the somatic departments of hospitals, which have not been renovated for a long time, and to polyclinics from which a request comes. I would like to note that two weeks ago I made a presentation at the videoconference of the Ministry of Health of the Moscow Region, after which I received about fifteen applications from medical institutions with a request to include them in the implementation of our project.

- If we are talking about polyclinics, then it is clear there: mothers will watch the children during the games. And in hospitals, hospital departments?

- If we are talking about a polyclinic, then first of all, of course, we are talking about the parents with whom they came. If we are talking about a hospital, then, as I said, children under 6 years old, as a rule, lie with one of their relatives. This is either mom, dad, or grandmothers, grandfathers. If the children are already in the hospital on their own, then this, of course, is the responsibility of the medical staff and the full-time nanny, if any.

- Do the Good Room project have analogues?

- There are no analogues of the project on the territory of the Moscow region. There are polyclinics and hospitals that have tried to create such zones on their own. We try not to harm what has already been created, but only to refine it. If a hospital or clinic has such a need, they turn to us, and we help them. If they created such rooms on their own, then we naturally do not interfere with these stories.

Of course, it would be necessary to finish the interview according to all the rules, but today we decided not to. I just want the good undertakings not to end. What we all wish!

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