Antique Regime Has Been Softened In The Novgorod Region Again

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Antique Regime Has Been Softened In The Novgorod Region Again
Antique Regime Has Been Softened In The Novgorod Region Again

Video: Antique Regime Has Been Softened In The Novgorod Region Again

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In the Novgorod region, they announced another relaxation of restrictive measures in connection with a decrease in the incidence of COVID-19. In addition, the process of returning temporary covid hospitals to specialized medical activities will continue.

Follow the developments in the broadcast: "Coronavirus in Russia: vaccination strikes a blow to the pandemic - all news"

As it became known on March 1 during a meeting of the regional operational headquarters to combat the spread of infection, in Veliky Novgorod, Valdai, Borovichsky, Starorussky districts, it was decided to resume medical examination of citizens. Opportunities for excursions, sports and cultural events will be expanded.

“We will allow the holding of sports competitions, physical culture events on the street with the participation of spectators. At the same time, in open-type stadiums, the occupancy of the stands should not exceed 50%. The presence of spectators is a long-standing request from our sports teams, which suffer greatly without fans, "said the head of the Novgorod region, Andrei Nikitin. In addition, up to 25 people (currently no more than 15) will be able to take part in group excursions in the premises, the maximum occupancy of halls in theaters, cinemas and at concerts will be increased from 50% to 75% of seats.

Last week, 540 cases of coronavirus infection were registered in the Novgorod region, which is 24% lower than a week earlier. A decrease in the incidence is observed in all age and social groups. On February 28, 65 new carriers were identified. During the pandemic, 27,217 cases were registered in the region, 23,713 people recovered, 113 people died from covid.

According to the Ministry of Health of the Novgorod Region, 634 people with COVID-19 and suspicion of it are in hospitals in the region. Free 46.8% of the infectious bed fund.

“In the near future, it is planned to remove the branch of the regional clinical maternity hospital on Tikhvinskaya street from the structure of covid hospitals,” the press center of the Novgorod region government said. "Also this week the issue of removing the clinical center of medical rehabilitation from the structure of covid hospitals will be worked out."

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