Palliative Child Dies After Being Refused Admission To The CSTO

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Palliative Child Dies After Being Refused Admission To The CSTO
Palliative Child Dies After Being Refused Admission To The CSTO

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The reluctance of the head physician of the regional children's hospital, Igor Zori, to contact palliative children, despite the fact that beds for such underage patients are available only on the basis of his medical institution, ended in tragedy. A child died this weekend. A child who was denied hospitalization …


Don't learn from mistakes

Back in April of this year, we wrote about this boy. Little Kurchatov resident Zhora then also almost died. Also because of the indifference of the CSTO leadership. The story of a child who, despite pneumonia and beginning pulmonary edema, was discharged from the regional children's hospital and sent home, then spread not only regional, but also federal media. The discharge from the hospital also contained the results of the latest tests - you couldn't imagine better. The boy's mother then tried to draw the attention of the staff to the fact that the child was not breathing well. They did not listen to her. At home, the child became much worse. Thank you, the woman had the phone number of Olga Zinkevich, who at that time was in charge of palliative children. It was Olga who contacted the then head of the regional health department, Vladimir Antsupov, who, despite the early morning, not only picked up the phone, but also promptly agreed that the best specialists would go to Zhora to be hospitalized. Then the boy was rescued. This time, no.

Over the weekend, the editorial office learned that Zhora was once again denied hospitalization at the regional children's hospital. Instead, the child, who, according to the mother, did not have an infectious disease, the child with a weakened immune system was sent to Semashko. We found out about this by Monday morning, but we could not get through to Mom. Zhora died. And the blame for this death in the last place can be placed on the staff and management of the infectious diseases hospital. They really did what they could. Perhaps, if help was provided in a timely and proper manner, if the child was not taken back and forth to hospitals, if he was admitted to the regional nursery, this misfortune would not have happened. But history does not know the subjunctive mood.

I would not like to suspect anyone of vindictiveness, but the story looks very strange with the fact that in the spring the head physician receives a "stick" for refusing to treat a patient, and after a little more than six months he repeatedly denies hospitalization to the same patient. To kid. A seriously ill child. Don't we learn from mistakes? Not only on strangers - even on our own? What must happen in order for the system that has developed in the region to stop working against people? So that children stop dying in the 21st century from the fact that they do not want or cannot provide medical care?

Are palliative beds needed in Semashko

In the regional clinical infectious diseases hospital named after N.A. Semashko today there are no beds for palliative patients. The profile of the medical institution is somewhat different. Nevertheless, over and over again it is here that they are trying to "exile" those whom the head physician of the CSTO Igor Zorya does not intend to treat. Parents of palliative babies admit that the seasonal confrontation between them and the head physician of the regional nursery is repeated from year to year. Time after time their children, under any pretext, are trying not to hospitalize. Even with indications, even in serious condition. “As soon as the time comes for autumn-winter-spring, Zorya begins her incomprehensible confrontation against palliative children. Yes, there are a lot of them, but they need help. How to continue to be, how to deal with it further ??? Indeed, it becomes obvious that it is better to let the child die at home and no one except the mother will bear responsibility than to provide him with proper assistance,”the parents write to the editorial office. And what is there to answer?

We contacted Alexander Chikhirin, the chief physician of the N.A. Semashko Regional Clinical Infectious Diseases Hospital, to find out how the issue with palliative beds in his hospital is and whether to expect them to appear in the future.

- We do not have a palliative department as such. Regardless of this, we are a specialized hospital, we take everyone: both palliative and not, if there are signs of an infectious disease. Any children, especially palliative ones, are susceptible to infection and easily injured. Therefore, it is difficult to distinguish between where they should be treated: in our department or in the palliative department. As for the issue of creating special beds for such patients, I can say that there are no palliative infectious patients. All infectious diseases are acute, there are no chronic ones. We treat diseases that have a start and end date. For months and years, our patients have not been treated with us. Therefore, there are no such beds.

- We were told that at the time of admission, Zhora did not have an infectious disease …

- I can't say anything. Whether or not there is a disease, it is determined by doctors in each case, upon admission, when the patient is examined by an infectious disease specialist. Not only palliative children can come to our consultation, but also other children, if the doctor sees signs of an infectious disease in them, then they send them to us, and our doctors are already looking. If not, we do not find anything according to our profile, then we make notes, examine the patient and redirect to the appointment. If there are signs of infection, then we keep it. As soon as our illness goes away, we transfer these patients to the palliative care unit.

According to Alexander Alekseevich, the equipment available in his hospital allows working with palliative patients. They will always be helped. But for the little wrestler Zhora, this was not enough.

Instead of a thousand words, show action

What is happening today in regional medicine, especially children's medicine, especially palliative medicine, is so far from the standard of “how it should be” that one might involuntarily think: are we living in that century? Is the region stuck in the past?

Already hundreds of times, through the media and personally, the parents of these kids have made one request: support! It is clear that these children will die anyway, that they will not become adults, but just give them the opportunity to leave without unnecessary suffering, without unnecessary humiliation. Yes, these children are different. Yes, many have central nervous system damage, but they understand little of what is happening and live not by emotions, but by reflexes, but this is not a reason to send them from place to place so that they, God forbid, do not die in your hospital and spoil the statistics. You cannot respect their mothers, at least do not deprive them of the opportunity to be with their baby for a few minutes longer, they already have not too little time allotted for this. We received not a single letter from the CSTO in the spring of this year with a demand to refute the defamatory information, they say, everything is being done for patients … Not everything. We remember, Igor Vasilyevich, your reports on how the unfortunate palliative bed in your hospital is being used with overfulfillment of plans, although we have no doubt that your subordinates will send us this report again. But we regularly receive calls / letters from more or less difficult patients who are sent anywhere out of sight, just not to be left in the regional nursery. And to admit this indifference has already started to get tired!

The situation has not changed over the years, and this is the most unpleasant thing. It's just that sometimes the oblast health department has time to intervene. Sometimes parents have connections, and they manage to prove that the temperature that rose once up to 37 two days ago is not a reason to send the child to an infectious diseases clinic today, their baby is put in the CSTO and an MRI examination reveals that he has a serious illness that requires urgent surgery and long rehabilitation. And sometimes, as in the case of Zhora, because of the weekend, all authorities do not have time to connect in time, and the child dies.We have just celebrated National Unity Day with pomp. From the tribune they talked about how wonderful it is to live in such a multinational and spiritually rich country. But it is very likely that the entire spiritual sea splashed on the scenes, but in reality what remained was what it was: separation according to the principle of like-dislike, and a callous unwillingness to do at least something for a patient who is already doomed. Unity, you know, is for the elect. And palliative children will do without it, they won't appreciate it anyway, and you won't even get them on stage for the sake of PR: the photo will not turn out to be an advertising one …

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