"I Can't Understand Why No One Cares About The Child." Stories Of Social Orphanhood In Crimea

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"I Can't Understand Why No One Cares About The Child." Stories Of Social Orphanhood In Crimea
"I Can't Understand Why No One Cares About The Child." Stories Of Social Orphanhood In Crimea

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"They ask three million for a child." Carolina's story


Margarita Aleksinskaya from Simferopol is trying to arrange custody of a distant relative - her grand-niece Karolina, who will soon turn two years old. For about a year now, the girl has been living with her permanently after the child's grandmother, who abuses alcohol, brought her, with a severe cold, and asked to take care of her. Karolina learned to walk and talk in the house of Margarita, whom she calls her mother.

“She (my mother) has some voices against the background of drug use. She was caught more than once with prohibited substances, she also spent the child's allowance on them, took out everything she could from the house - a washing machine, a coffee maker, and children's toys. From the first days after the hospital, she left the child alone. What happened to him, I do not know, but the girl is afraid of all male people, does not sleep well at night. Social workers said that the dorm room was badly unsanitary, and my mother was in inadequate condition - her veins were all blue and punctured. Mom does not cure HIV, but the child does not have this disease, thank God. I expected the guardianship authorities to take some action, but there were none,”the woman says.

The guardianship authorities of the Simferopol region fined Natalia 500 rubles for failure to fulfill her parental duties. Margarita decided to issue custody of the girl, but they were in no hurry to deprive her own mother of parental rights, which means that no one would give custody of the child, since there is a legal parent.

“In the Simferopol region, they literally told me:“Better keep your head down, your child will be taken away from you”and“It’s not a fact that you will get custody, we have a lot of those who want to take a child”. But nevertheless, at my request, they began to draw up a claim for deprivation of parental rights, and I was told to prepare an act on living conditions and an opinion for registration of guardianship. The lawyer who contacted me himself turned out to be somehow dubious - he asked for 60 thousand rubles, I had already given part of the money to him, but, as I understood later, he deliberately delayed the process,”says Margarita Aleksinskaya.

Unexpectedly, the department for minors' affairs and protection of their rights of the Simferopol district withdrew the claim for deprivation of parental rights, stating that the mother had "corrected herself", but the woman did not provide any documents confirming this in court. The court ruled that the child is with Margarita illegally. She wrote an application for preliminary guardianship, but the department for juvenile affairs and protection of their rights in the Simferopol region, headed by Taras Lutsenko, immediately told her that there would be a refusal. Irina Klyueva, Commissioner for Children's Rights in the Republic of Crimea, confirmed the illegality of such a refusal. According to Aleksinskaya, my own mother now lives in Sevastopol, in what conditions it is unknown. She did not try to pick up the child.

“The child is not legally deprived of parental care. Since there is no court decision that has entered into legal force on the limitation of the mother in parental rights, there is no status of the child who can be placed under guardianship. Aleksinskaya is not a close relative and does not have the right of primary guardianship. We have a whole line of citizens who wish to become representatives of the child, but there is no specific question about Karolina Prilonova, since there is no court decision on her status, "Taras Lutsenko commented to FederalPress.

Margarita Aleksinskaya does not understand why the process of deprivation of parental rights is delayed.She says that the Department for Children's Affairs of the Simferopol District now wants to withdraw the child to a state institution. She suspects that the issue is in the corruption component.

“People who are now on the waiting list for adoption told me that children under three years old and in good health are adopted for a bribe, since there are few of them, but there are many who wish. It costs in the region of two to three million rubles. As far as I understand, these amounts were announced to them,”says Margarita.

"The daughter cannot understand why he is not being fed." Stories of Kostya and Anton

Anastasia Makeeva, organizer of the Heart of Sevastopol volunteer movement, who initiated the Feed the Hungry project, says that she did not expect to see so many children who have nothing to eat and no one to take care of. More than 70 children come to the free social meals that volunteers prepare and distribute to those in need, most of them are not needed by their parents. Anastasia published one of these stories on the Web.

“Kostya is 8 years old. Recently, a bunch of things were handed over to the boy. God knows where these things are the mother of the child - today for food Kostya came in pajama pants, in tattered moccasins and brought two puppies. Says puppies are his friends. We were given social welfare today with our daughter Aurora, who is 8 months younger than Kostya. The daughter made friends with the boy, found common themes. Aurora cannot understand why Kostya's mother does not feed. I, too, can not understand why everyone does not care about the child. They were told to the guardianship, only to the point "- says Makeeva, specifying that there are four children in Kostya's family, and their mother is now waiting for the fifth. Kostya himself often asks to buy him ordinary fresh water, which he drinks greedily.

12-year-old Anton, who wanders until late in the area near the square of the 50th anniversary of the USSR, is not interested in the mother: she believes that the child is already an adult and independent. The Sevastopol lawyer provides the boy with targeted assistance, buys things, tries to arrange him in the sports section, but often plans are thwarted due to the fact that the drinking mother cannot come to the meeting on time. In the village of Verkhny Sadovoye, eight children from the same family go to dinner - they tell the curator about worn-out shoes and a sore throat, because their mother does not react to their requests in any way.

Volunteers try to provide their wards with comprehensive support, contact the guardianship authorities and the commissioner for children in Sevastopol, Maria Peschanskaya, but they do not see any real help. In social services, volunteers are told that they know about these families and children, they are registered. For example, the Ostroverkhov family, which Anastasia Makeeva and her associates found, lived for four years in a garage with a leaking roof - social services knew about them and even brought office supplies to the school for children, but no one helped to solve the issue of housing.

“In my understanding, social orphanhood is not only about those children who were abandoned in the hospital, it is also about those children who were abandoned by their parents, but do not take care of them at all. Bureaucracy is bureaucracy, and in the system itself, of course, there are also many problems, but the key issue in the attitude of social service workers to their work, in their indifference. Vladimir Putin correctly said that a social worker should develop and be passionate about his work, and not just shift papers. And we have regions with good experience in targeted assistance, for example, the Voronezh region. Why not introduce such a practice here in Crimea? But you need to work conscientiously, and who needs it? " - complains Makeeva.

Photo: FederalPress / Polina Zinovieva

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