The Guardianship Authorities Allowed A Mother Of Many Children From Crimea To Become A Candidate For The Adoption Of An Orphan

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The Guardianship Authorities Allowed A Mother Of Many Children From Crimea To Become A Candidate For The Adoption Of An Orphan
The Guardianship Authorities Allowed A Mother Of Many Children From Crimea To Become A Candidate For The Adoption Of An Orphan

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The guardianship authorities of Simferopol allowed the mother of many children, Valentina Tarasenko, to become a candidate for the adoption of Viktor Chemeris. The boy's own mother died of cancer in April 2019. Before her death, she turned to the local administration with an application to transfer custody of her son to the Tarasenko family. However, the authorities have not yet fulfilled the will of the deceased woman. Vitya was taken to the baby's house and they want to give it to his grandfather, who lives in Kiev. However, a foreign relative is in no hurry to draw up the necessary documents.


The Department of Children Affairs of the Simferopol Administration allowed Valentina Tarasenko, a 36-year-old Crimean woman with many children, to become a candidate for adoptive parents. The woman has been seeking custody of the one-year-old Vitya Chemeris for the second month.

As Valentina Tarasenko herself told RT, on May 16, 2019, she received an opinion from the Department for Children of the Simferopol Administration that she could become an adoptive parent of a child under the age of three.

“I once again told the officials from the department why I want to take Vitya into my family, they also examined my living conditions, and as a result they assigned me the 282nd number on the list of adoptive parents of the city,” Valentina Tarasenko told RT.

The approval procedure as a candidate for adoptive parents Tarasenko took place specifically in order to take into his family one-year-old Viktor Chemeris, who was left orphaned. Tarasenko herself, together with her husband Dmitry, is already raising seven children, of which five are relatives and two are adopted.

Now Tarasenko intends to appeal to the court to speed up the adoption procedure. According to her, such advice was given to her in the Department of Children Affairs of the Simferopol Administration.

Earlier, RT told how at the beginning of April 2019 the boy was left an orphan - his mother Elena Chemeris died of cancer. In recent months, the sick woman lived with the mother of many children, Valentina Tarasenko.

Valentina helped Elena, a native of Kiev, to obtain Russian citizenship and obtain a Russian passport. Also, Tarasenko achieved the return of her son Chemeris from the baby house, where he was assigned due to the difficult physical and material condition of his mother.

Before her death, Elena wrote to the Department of Children's Affairs of Simferopol a statement that in the event of her death, custody of the minor Victor should be transferred to Valentina Tarasenko. This procedure is provided for in paragraph 1 of Art. 13 of the Federal Law 48 "On Guardianship and Guardianship". However, immediately after the death of Chemeris, representatives of the guardianship took the child to the baby's home.

The officials explained their decision by the fact that the boy has a close relative - a 63-year-old grandfather in Kiev. According to the law, it is he who has the priority right to take the boy into his family.

As RT was told in the Crimean prosecutor's office, the guardianship authority, which ignores the mother's will, does not violate the law, since the priority form of adoption is the transfer of the child to a family of relatives, if any.

At the same time, the prosecutor's office clarified that the refusal to adopt the boy was due to the fact that Valentina Tarasenko did not have a positive conclusion of the guardianship authorities. After she is included in the list of adoptive parents, Tarasenko can begin the standard adoption procedure through the court.

Meanwhile, according to Tarasenko, Vladimir Chemeris is in no hurry to take his grandson to his place.

“On May 11, I called him, and he said that he had received a copy of his daughter’s death certificate, but there was no boy’s birth certificate, which means, in his opinion, the child himself wasn’t,” says Tarasenko. - I told him that no one is forcing him, let him say honestly that he does not need Vitya.He didn’t even come to visit Lena when she was dying in the hospital, and he didn’t remember the boy at all”.

Tarasenko is convinced that guardianship acts in circumvention of the current legislation, ignoring the will of the mother and the interests of the child.

“They must give us the child, the wife of the governor Aksyonov, and the diocese, and the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Andrei Kozenko asked them to consider the issue,” the woman says. - The mother herself chose who would raise her son. The obstacle could be that I do not match the candidate for adoptive parents, but now I have all the documents”.

Common sense

The Commissioner for Children's Rights in Crimea, Irina Klyueva, also believes that the guardianship and trusteeship body violates the rights and interests of the child to be raised in a family.

“The article allowing parents to write a statement during their lifetime was created precisely for such cases. In all other situations, the advantage of adoption should, of course, remain with the child's relatives. I believe that it would be common sense to interpret the law in this way, but the guardianship authorities interpret it in their own way,”the ombudsman is indignant.

Klyueva assured RT that she was keeping the issue under control and would continue to assist Tarasenko in the adoption of Viktor Chemeris.

“I don’t know what the decision will be, because I immediately turned to the prosecutor’s office, but they did not reveal any violations in the actions of the guardianship authorities. Although I doubt that grandfather from Kiev will come for the boy, so we will find out. You can't wait a year or two for grandfather to make up his mind. This violates the interests of the child,”concluded the Ombudsman.

RT was unable to receive a prompt comment from the Department of Children's Affairs of the city of Simferopol.

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