Dangerous Games. Children In The Kursk Sanatorium Sniffed Intoxicating Substances

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Dangerous Games. Children In The Kursk Sanatorium Sniffed Intoxicating Substances
Dangerous Games. Children In The Kursk Sanatorium Sniffed Intoxicating Substances

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In one of the Kursk sanatoriums, children were sniffing deodorant. They were attracted not by the perfume composition, but by the fact that it accompanies it when spraying - butane gas.


Parents sounded the alarm

In the editorial office of "AiF-Kursk" there was a wake-up call from our regular reader Svetlana. The woman said that she was forced to pick up the child from the Regional Children's Sanatorium before the end of the shift due to an egregious case - peers forced her child to sniff stupefying substances.

“We have an absolutely trusting relationship with my twelve-year-old daughter,” says Svetlana. - She grew up in a prosperous family, and did not even immediately understand what was happening when the girls put bags on their heads and others, where they had injected deodorant before, and then behaved aggressively. And I am proud of my daughter that she had enough common sense not to succumb to curiosity and not try, even after the instigators tried to use physical force, to put a bag on her head, she said “no”.

The alarm was sounded by other parents, whose children were resting on this shift, having heard not only about packages, but also about assault.

“I rushed from the Timsky district by taxi to pick up my girl,” says Tatyana Kaskova, who also had a child with her during the ill-fated shift. - I told the teacher about what was happening in the wards. But the staff of the sanatorium greeted me rather dismissively, and in response to a request to understand the situation, they said that the children were just playing. But, tell me, what kind of games are they? My daughter also refused to sniff or put on bags. She was beaten for this. At home, I saw bruises and a bite on my child's legs and forearms. We immediately went to the pediatrician and went to the police. Last year, my girl came from another sanatorium sunburned and happy, but now … It hurts to talk about it."

How could this happen?

The administration of the health institution wonders how such a thing could happen to them.

“We have a doctor on duty around the clock, even on weekends, and none of the parents have contacted me personally about this,” commented the acting chief doctor in a telephone conversation with our correspondent.

“On the fact of beating the girl on domestic grounds, an inspection is being carried out,” says Lilia Kameneva, head of the press service of the Kursk Regional MIA Administration. - But it is already known that the actual toxic substances did not figure in this story. The deodorant does not have the same effect on the body as those substances, the harm of which we talk about at various preventive measures. Teachers and parents should talk about what substance abuse, drug addiction is, not hoping that the sad realities of modern life will bypass their family, pay attention to which sites children visit. Yes, in this case, having raised the alarm, the mothers did the right thing, being vigilant, but it is much more effective in such situations to contact the police immediately so as not to waste time and not sow panic. And in this health institution, preventive work will be carried out to prevent substance abuse."

"We have no drug addicts"

“We do not have those who are addicted to toxic substances, but favorable statistics in this case is not a reason to lose our vigilance,” says Anna Kovalenko, deputy chief physician for child and adolescent drug addiction, Regional Narcological Hospital.- In reality, the picture is somewhat different, since for registration, according to the legislation, the personal consent of both the legal representative of the child and the child himself is required. Without this, we cannot provide the necessary medical assistance, but in any case, we will advise. With a preventive purpose, a specialist of our hospital will go to the health institution, from where the parents' appeals were received, to conduct an explanatory conversation. A wake-up call during a summer vacation is a reason to remind that both parents and specialists working with children must pay attention to the child's altered behavior, sharply dilated or sharply narrowed pupils, and the emergence of new acquaintances. The child, on the other hand, must clearly understand that the use of any psychoactive substances carries certain social limitations, including health problems, education, employment."

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