A Woman In A Coma Gave Birth To A Healthy Daughter

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A Woman In A Coma Gave Birth To A Healthy Daughter
A Woman In A Coma Gave Birth To A Healthy Daughter

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Video: Mom Who Gave Birth in Coma Finally Meets Her Daughter 2023, January

The husband hopes that the woman will be able to wake up and get to know the child.


A girl was born in Malaysia, whose mother has been in a coma since December 2018. It is reported by the English-language edition of Star.

According to this media outlet, 36-year-old Kamaria Arve learned about the terrible diagnosis when she was in her third month of pregnancy. The woman was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She turned to doctors when she began to feel vision problems and dizziness. In December, a resident of Malaysia underwent surgery. Doctors removed her tumor, but the patient fell into a coma.

Since then, despite the condition of the mother, the fetus continued to develop in her womb. At the 34th week of pregnancy, doctors performed a caesarean section. The girl was born healthy. Her father gave her a long name - Farah Hanis Fairol Haziri.

Now the 44-year-old husband of Kamaria, Fayrol, is forced to look after both his wife and his newborn child. Because of this, the man had to leave his job, live on donations from friends, caring people and subsidies from officials. However, Fireol does not lose hope that his wife will still be able not only to get to know her daughter, but also to raise her.

I accept what happened. It is very sad to see her condition. I even cry when I pray. I want to see her again in consciousness. I am very grateful that my daughter was born healthy, like other normal children. Even during pregnancy, my wife was fed only milk, but our baby was born healthy. The doctor said that our child is a miracle

- said the man in a conversation with reporters.

It is not yet known how this story ends. It remains to be hoped that the man's dedication and devotion will be rewarded, and his wife will regain consciousness.

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