Maybe It's Enough To Pay Everyone?: Milonov Criticized The Idea Of ​​"father's Capital"

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Maybe It's Enough To Pay Everyone?: Milonov Criticized The Idea Of ​​"father's Capital"
Maybe It's Enough To Pay Everyone?: Milonov Criticized The Idea Of ​​"father's Capital"

Vitaly Milonov, a member of the lower house of the Russian parliament, called the Public Chamber's idea of ​​introducing "father's capital" as populist.


In an interview with the 360 ​​TV channel, he explained that instead of paying money, other measures should be introduced to help large families.

“How much can you pay everyone? May be enough? They give birth to children not because they want to make money on it, but because it is a desire of the heart,”the parliamentarian stressed.

In his opinion, instead of introducing new payments, it is better to make an additional day off per month for fathers with many children, which would be paid. This would allow the parent to spend the entire day with their children.

“You can set tariffs for children's tickets so that families can go on vacation at least once a year. Now, the so-called children's plane ticket is a mockery. Therefore, large families cannot go anywhere to rest,”Milonov said.

In addition, he called the situation unfair when "a childless fifa with his lapdog" can travel, and the parents of five or seven children are not allowed to travel abroad.

“I believe that families need to be helped. Because we value family. It can be complete or incomplete. But we are talking about a family,”he said.

At the same time, the deputy proposed to get rid of the notion that a family with three children is large.

“Three children is a normal, ordinary family, not a large one. Otherwise, the country will not develop if there are less than three children. This does not mean that you need to spread rot if there is one child. There are different cases, but a family with three children, no less, should be accepted as the standard,”the deputy concluded.

Earlier it was reported that our country may receive additional subsidies for large families.

In particular, it is proposed to introduce the concept of "paternal capital", which will be paid when a third and subsequent child appears in the family, provided that all children were born and raised in the same family, and the parents are in a registered marriage.

At the same time, the amount of payments to fathers with many children will be comparable to the maternity capital and will amount to 453 thousand rubles.

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