Thanks To Baby Puree, The Gift Of Life Fund Raised 9 Million Rubles

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Thanks To Baby Puree, The Gift Of Life Fund Raised 9 Million Rubles
Thanks To Baby Puree, The Gift Of Life Fund Raised 9 Million Rubles

Video: Thanks To Baby Puree, The Gift Of Life Fund Raised 9 Million Rubles

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Six months ago, the PROGRESS company, the manufacturer of the FrutoNyanya brand, began raising funds to help the Podari Zhizn Foundation wards, to diagnose children with leukemia. Thanks to the support of our consumers, during this time it was possible to transfer 9 million rubles to the Fund. A total of 2,655 studies were carried out with these funds. Now the program "Babysitting in the hospital" has started.


In December last year, the FrutoNyanya baby food packaging got the Give Life Foundation logo. All products of the brand are accompanied by the inscription "Let's help the children together", as well as a special QR-code that allows you to go to the project page. On the site you can read the stories of children who have been helped.

“It's great that so many people consciously choose our product in packaging with the foundation's logo. The results of this action for six months are our common merit with the buyers. Together we help to make high-tech help for children available,”commented Natalya Medunova, General Director of PROGRESS JSC.

Every year in Russia, about a thousand children from 0 to 18 years old fall ill with leukemia. And today it is possible to completely cure 80% of patients, it depends on the type of disease. An individual approach to the selection of therapy for children with leukemia significantly increases the effectiveness of treatment. This requires that the molecular profile of the disease be determined accurately and on time in special laboratories. But such an opportunity is available only in large federal medical centers.

Thanks to the Foundation and its project "Remote Molecular Diagnostics", children undergoing treatment in regional hospitals have this opportunity. Based on the results of the Remote Molecular Diagnostics program, 2,655 studies were carried out, which allowed hundreds of children to make accurate diagnoses and, therefore, make the right decisions for further treatment.

“The molecular diagnostics program gives a huge number of sick children and their doctors a chance to make an accurate diagnosis and choose an appropriate treatment program. But, in addition, this is still serious scientific work, which will allow the introduction of new, more effective methods of therapy, and, thus, increase the survival rate of patients with severe oncological diseases,”comments Ekaterina Shergova, director of the Give Life Foundation.

The FrutoNyanya brand continues to help the patients of the Give Life Foundation and the parents of babies with cancer who have to spend a lot of time in hospitals. But their parents cannot always be with them all the time. A new program supported by FrutoNanny, Nanny in the Hospital, will help provide children with 24-hour professional and caring nannies.

In addition, the company "PROGRESS" delivers baby food to the NMITs DGOI them. Dmitry Rogachev. Such tasty and healthy packages help to maintain proper nutrition, health and mood of babies. Today it is more than 63 thousand units of various products - cereals, mashed potatoes, juices, jelly, fruit drinks, milkshakes and snacks.


JSC PROGRESS is one of the largest manufacturers of baby food in Russia. The company manufactures products under three recognizable brands: FrutoNyanya, FrutoNyanya Malysham, Lipetsk pump room. FrutoNyanya is one of the most famous brands in the field of baby food in Russia. At the moment, the FrutoNyanya line includes more than 250 product names.These are a variety of products for children: juices, nectars, directly squeezed juices, fruit drinks, jelly, desserts, fruit purees, mashed potatoes with cream, cottage cheese, fruit and vegetable, vegetable and meat purees, various types of cereals (instant, ready-made and liquid cereals), baby water, milk and fermented milk products, milkshakes, drinking yoghurts and curds, as well as a new line of ORGANIC fruit purees.

The Gift of Life Foundation was established on November 26, 2006 by actresses Dina Korzun and Chulpan Khamatova.

The mission of the foundation is to help ensure that any child or young adult with cancer and hematological diseases can receive the most effective and modern medical care and non-medical support. All programs of the foundation are aimed primarily at protecting the interests of the child and his right to receive timely high-quality medical care.

More than 1000 children from 10 clinics of federal and city subordination located in Moscow and the region, as well as children from more than 30 regional clinics, are under the care of the Podari Zhizn Foundation at a time.

By 2020, the Gift of Life Foundation has helped over 57,000 children and young adults.

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