Vologda Theater For Young Spectators Will Open The 45th Theatrical Season With The Tragedy "Warsaw Nabat"

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Vologda Theater For Young Spectators Will Open The 45th Theatrical Season With The Tragedy "Warsaw Nabat"
Vologda Theater For Young Spectators Will Open The 45th Theatrical Season With The Tragedy "Warsaw Nabat"

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Vologda viewers will see the tragedy "Warsaw alarm" on October 16 at the Theater for Children and Youth. The performance is based on the play by Vadim Korostylev, based on the life story of the famous Polish writer, teacher, doctor and public figure Janusz Korczak.


Korczak was an outstanding children's doctor and teacher. He performed feats throughout his life, giving his time and care to children. In 1940, together with the inmates of the Orphans' House, he was moved as a Jew to the Warsaw ghetto, where he helped children by obtaining food and medicine for them. In 1942, before leaving for the Treblinka concentration camp, Korczak was offered freedom, but he refused, deciding to stay with his inmates. The teacher, along with 200 children, died in a gas chamber. This sad story in the play is told by a certain Teacher, whose role is played by Andrei Kamendov.

“It seems to me that the play contains a necessary idea for all of us: each person is a person. Janusz Korczak brought up children in this way, revealing a personality in each child. There was a very similar person in my biography. As a student, I worked in a pioneer camp, the director of which was Boris Matveyevich Tsyrlin. He is not Korczak, he is different, but he also had this methodology of pedagogy by personal example. He was a very good person who knew how to communicate with people. I think that there is a little Janusz Korczak in many of us,”says Andrei Kamendov, artist of the Theater for Children and Youth, performer of the role of Teacher.

The play "Varshavskiy Nabat" shows a tragic and cruel story as if in a fairy-tale guise, from the point of view of the teacher and his students. The teacher invites the children to imagine that the explosions are drums, and the soldiers are clowns. But, as they say at the beginning of the play, you can't fool the children, they still understand everything.

“In the imagination of children, the teacher creates this world where the Nazis are not the Nazis who kill, but the clowns, he tries to deceive the children. You can argue a lot, good or bad, but my personal opinion - this is the opportunity to give children a fairy tale. I was now driving in the car and listening to the radio. There was just a conversation about children's horror stories, where they come from, and they are often regarded as an attempt by children to realize fear. I think Korczak, as a good teacher, knew that. And that is exactly what he did,”says Denis Dolbyshev, an artist of the Theater for Children and Youth, playing the role of Dwarf Wolf.

The world that the Teacher “creates” for children finds an interesting embodiment on the stage. Thus, the role of Obersturmbannführer Konrad Wolf is played by two artists. One plays a fascist who ruthlessly treats children, the other - a dwarf - a clown drawn by a child's fantasy.

“My hero is a disgusting and terrible person in his essence. But I tried to look for where he was a person at all: when he lost himself and became just a performer of certain ideological formulas. I have already played this kind of character, for example, Mark in the play "Forever Alive" based on the play by Viktor Rozov. In such characters, at some point, scrapping occurs, and from the category of good they move to the side of evil. They say that the actors are advocates of the role, in this case it is difficult to be a lawyer, but I really want to understand the characters in the play,”said Alexander Lobantsev, an artist of the Theater for Children and Youth, performer of the role of Konrad Wolf.

In the decoration of the performance there is calm music; footage from military photo chronicles was used as scenery. The very name of the play "Warsaw Alarm" embodies the feat of the Teacher and as if calls on the viewer not to forget about humanity in our world.

“The feat of Janusz Korczak is not loud, but human.I thought that this topic would be of interest to both young people and the older generation, because many do not know this name. I would be happy if this performance was for family viewing. Because the topic is very difficult, is the theater obliged to entertain? It is human, as one of the characters says, to sit down and think. Now, if the Vologda audience thinks, it will be fine,”says Boris Granatov, director of the play“Varshavskiy Nabat”, People's Artist of the Russian Federation.

The performance will be presented on October 16 at 18.00. The premiere of the "Warsaw Nabat" was to take place on April 22 and was timed to coincide with the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. The show had to be canceled due to restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic. The theater returned to its usual work only in August, now the troupe is actively rehearsing.

As a reminder, due to restrictive measures, performances are shown with fewer spectators. Only 50% seating is allowed in the halls. According to the artists themselves, in such conditions, the attention of the audience becomes more expensive, because with the audience it is necessary to establish detailed contact.

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