Five Books Every Mom Should Read

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Five Books Every Mom Should Read
Five Books Every Mom Should Read

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Many modern mothers strive to learn more about the correct methods of upbringing, the harmonious development of the child and other important aspects. Correspondents of the Express-Novosti news agency present a rating of the most useful books on child psychology and upbringing, which are a must for every young mother to read.


How to Love a Child, Janusz Korczak

This book is written in a rather simple language and will be understandable to anyone who wants to understand the inner world of their child. Author Janusz Korczak talks about what a mother should really do to make her child happy and satisfied. It would seem that such a simple feeling as love for a child is revealed here from a scientific angle. The book contains both life hacks for mothers and little secrets that will help make the educational process more harmonious.

Vladimir Levy, "New non-standard child"

In this book, you can easily find the answer to the question of every mother who is engaged in the upbringing of a teenager: "How to survive the growing crisis?" The author Vladimir Levi, who is also a doctor of psychological and medical sciences, talks about how to overcome the difficulties of upbringing, what methods should be used to help a child survive emotional problems and correctly build relationships with peers.

How to Raise a Happy Child by Jean Ledloff

This book has gained remarkable popularity abroad, and its translated edition is gaining a huge number of positive reviews from Russian readers. The author reveals the secrets of how to raise happy and contented children, while not forgetting the opinion of the parents. Jean Ledloff teaches young mothers to build relationships with their children, based on the knowledge of modern family psychology.

“Stop bringing up children, help them grow”, Nina and Zaryana Nekrasov

The authors of this book suggest that parents discard all advice and recommendations from the outside (from grandmothers, grandfathers, girlfriends and third-party educators) and rely only on their parental instincts. Also on the pages of this book you will find ways to develop this instinct. The material is presented in an interesting playful way, including tests, puzzles and captivating pictures.

Children From Heaven by John Gray

John Gray is known to many for his previous book, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. In his new work, the author shares his opinion on the educational process. An American psychotherapist tells how to learn to understand and accept your child, how not to protect him from problems, but to help overcome him, and why it is so important to learn how to replace the word "obedience" with "cooperation."

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