Tutta Larsen: There Is No Friendship Between A Man And A Woman

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Tutta Larsen: There Is No Friendship Between A Man And A Woman
Tutta Larsen: There Is No Friendship Between A Man And A Woman

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Video: Тутта Ларсен: После потери ребенка и предательства мужа пришел Христос 2023, January

Famous journalist, TV and radio host Tutta Larsen shared her childhood memories with Vecherka and told about her secrets of a happy wife and mother of many children.


- Tutta, tell us what projects are you doing now?

- I have a lot of remote work. I conduct morning radio shows, one might say, straight from my own bedroom. I broadcast live on my social networks. But in fact, I miss the face-to-face formats and look forward to resuming filming in the Food with a Hurray program, which we are conducting together with our daughter Martha.

- You are a mother of many children. How do you manage to cope with household chores and be a successful lady at the same time?

- My secret of success, as in a well-known anecdote, is simple - I do not have time for anything. I spend every day in my worries and do not spray myself. I try to have less fuss and more meaning in my life. This is perhaps the only thing that can be done when you have three children, a home, a job and another desire to be realized. On self-isolation, I realized how difficult it is for me without a nanny and an au pair.

- What is paramount for you in raising children?

- You need to be brave and not doubt yourself. Moms often suffer from insecurity, fears and feelings of guilt, but in fact, I am one hundred percent convinced that no one knows your child better than you and no one can be a great expert. Nobody can know what kind of mother you will be, except yourself.

- Would you like some of the children to follow in your footsteps? For example Martha, she reads poetry very expressively.

- I would not want to, because the profession of a journalist is a very hard bread that takes a lot of time and effort. This is an unstable profession, you are very dependent on many factors, circumstances, people. I would not want such a fate for my children, but I hardly decide anything here. As for Martha, she is very talented: she reads poetry superbly, holds herself freely in front of the camera, feels good on stage. She is generally a very liberated person. I think many doors are open in front of her, and I will be glad if she chooses what she really likes.

- Tell us about your childhood, where and how did it go?

- I was born in Donetsk, but spent most of my childhood in Makeevka. It was then a large industrial Ukrainian city. At first we lived in the center, I went to the theater of a young spectator, studied at an elite school. And then the parents divorced. Mom married a second time to a miner, and we left for a very deep province, in the village of Khanzhenkovo-Severny. Then, from the age of eight or nine, my childhood was very similar to the adventures of Huck from the stories of Mark Twain, with the only difference that I was a member of a full-fledged family, I was adored, cherished and cherished. My parents spared neither money nor energy on my development and education, but at the same time I spent a huge part of the time in completely wild forests and steppes, swam in the lake, hung upside down in the school garden in the trees. And at the same time, I can say with confidence that I had a happy childhood.

- Luke and Martha are rare names. Why were the children named that way?

- I like the old Russian names, moreover, since I am a religious person, I named my children in honor of the saints, whom I greatly respect. And Luka was the name of my son's great-grandfather, and Martha was my husband's great-great-grandmother, who was a real Don Cossack. She gave birth to and raised ten children and lived a long life. I really like this name, and I can't even imagine that my daughter could be called otherwise.

- Tell us how you met your husband.

- It happened at the "Secret of Success" talent show. I was the presenter, and Valery came from Saratov with his musical group. I noticed him by chance when I was passing by.His eyes, incredibly blue, took my breath away! To be honest, I was not looking for a husband. I was a single mother, Luka was 1.7 years old (Tutta gave birth to a son from journalist Zakhar Artemyev - the older brother of the ex-soloist of the group "Roots" Pavel Artemiev. - "VM"). In my life there was only a son, a job and a temple. Plus a mortgage and a car loan. But later, at a group lesson with a psychologist, which was held with the participants in the show, we got to know Valery better. And after that he began to look after me, I invited him to my house, and then we became a legal husband and wife.

- Is there a distribution of responsibilities in your family?

- Everyone does what he can, what he is good at and for which there is time. We try not to divide into family and household concerns, male and female affairs. This is especially true for the upbringing of children. The spouse can cook porridge for the children and change the diaper, heal, teach, console, put, bathe. We do everything together and help each other in everything.

- Is there a friendship between a man and a woman?

- No. I believe that in this relationship, one always has hope for something more. Men and women were created not to be friends, but to create an alliance. But, of course, I believe in a friendly relationship between a man and a woman. There are many men around me with whom I have excellent relations, but it is difficult to call it a real, deep and full-fledged friendship. Still, friendship is a very intimate interpenetrating feeling, I do not believe that it is possible between different sexes.

- Tell us about your section "Foodiboroda" in social networks. Who invented it? Who is cooking?

- We post unique recipes on social media on Sundays. My husband prepares all the dishes for the first time, and each time it is a test for him, a step into the unknown. We even had punctures a couple of times. Once we tried to cook something from buckwheat flour, so everything fell apart. Subscribers love this section, and I am very pleased that my husband can thus creatively realize himself.


Tutta Larsen (real name Tatiana Romanenko) was born on July 5, 1974 in Ukraine, in Donetsk. Graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University. From 1998 to 2008, Tutta is the most famous VJ of the MTV channel (Russia). Mom of three children.

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