The Star Of The Series "Shards" Natalia Antonova Showed What Pictures Her Sons Gave Her

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The Star Of The Series "Shards" Natalia Antonova Showed What Pictures Her Sons Gave Her
The Star Of The Series "Shards" Natalia Antonova Showed What Pictures Her Sons Gave Her

Video: The Star Of The Series "Shards" Natalia Antonova Showed What Pictures Her Sons Gave Her

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Fans admire the upbringing of the boys.

The star of domestic TV series Natalia Antonova decided to show the fans what a surprise her sons had prepared for her. The boys decided to please their mother and painted pictures for her. The children of the actress know that she is very fond of handmade gifts. The efforts of the boys were appreciated on the Web. The fans were glad that the star mother had such attentive sons.

Spring is already knocking, and again I am all in gifts, my sons painted with magnolia oil, and I really love gifts made with my own hands …

- noted Natalia Antonova.

"Very beautiful, well done, your guys, the most valuable and expensive, hand-made, great gift for mom", "Beauty, what are your boys, great?" It's so sweet when your children do something for you ️ "," Boys, great! the pictures turned out to be beautiful in spring”,“How I like your family! Your boys are great! "," Natasha, wonderful gifts! Boys have talent!”,“What smart girls !!! Beauty and nothing more,”the audience responded on Instagram.

Recall that Natalia Antonova is a mother of many children. The star got married in 1996 to the actor Alexander Vershinin. The couple had a son, Artem. When the boy was five years old, the actress divorced the child's father.

Now Natalya Antonova is happy in her second marriage with an obstetrician-gynecologist and businessman Nikolai Semenov. The wife of the actress also has a son from a previous marriage, whose name is Anton. In 2005, Natalya gave birth to another son to Nikolai. The boy was named Nikita. Later, the couple had a second joint child - and again a son - Maxim. He is a year younger than Nikita. And in 2018, their third common boy was born.

By the way, the actress recently bragged about her son, who prepared soup for her. A mother of many children admitted that she teaches children to cook, and does not consider such skills unnecessary for boys.

Note that the eldest son of the actress had a birthday on October 26. Artem is 21 years old. The young man followed in the footsteps of his stellar parents. And although the young man no longer lives with his mother, he often comes to visit her. Artem Vershinin celebrated his holiday with friends, but the next day, of course, he came to his loved one.

October 26, 21 years ago … my first son Artyom was born !!!! Of course, yesterday he had a performance and a meeting with friends, I am like a mother of an adult young man…. patiently waiting for him and baked a delicious cake !!!!!! Mom should be able to wait, especially when the son has grown up, I love you, my dear !!! Thank you, you are my teacher, you are my wisdom, my courage and happiness !!!

- said Natalia Antonova.

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Photo: Instagram @sveta_ant, @ n.antonova

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