Ekaterina Vulichenko Showed Her Mother

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Ekaterina Vulichenko Showed Her Mother
Ekaterina Vulichenko Showed Her Mother

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The star rarely publishes pictures with a loved one.


The famous actress Ekaterina Vulichenko recently became a mother for the second time. On December 17, 2018, the artist gave birth to a son to her husband, businessman Marat Gudanaev. The boy was named Alexander. And the other day the couple baptized the baby. And of course, the actress's mother was present at the ceremony. Ekaterina Vulichenko published on her personal blog a warm family photo taken after the christening.

A rare photo in which there are three mothers: just a mother, godmother @ n.antonov, and mother's mother! And boys can make wishes, but I'll try to make them come true

- noted the celebrity.

“Happiness and love to your family !!! ️”,“Such beautiful mothers!”,“How beautiful you are ️”,“What a great happiness when MOM is around !!”,“What can be more beautiful when there are so many wonderful Mothers !!! ️ "," Awesome photo, so many beautiful, happy people emitting sunlight, may this moment of great happiness and love continue forever! "," Kindness and love to your family ️ a very happy and beautiful family photo! " - responded the audience on Instagram.

By the way, the famous actress Natalya Antonova became the boy's godmother. She is very happy and grateful to Ekaterina and Marat for their trust. The artist promised that she would always help little Sasha.

By the way, Ekaterina Vulichenko said that her boy learned to crawl very quickly. And the son of the actress loves to taste everything, even house slippers. So celebrities do not have to be bored.

And we began an active "sex life" with a joyful battle cry, the baby crawls around the house with the speed of a meteor! I see a purpose, but I do not see obstacles! Fight and seek, find and not give up! This is our motto! But the goal is, as a rule, what is not allowed! And so I want to lick my mother's slippers! And to climb into the fireplace - that would be real happiness !!!

- shared the star mom.

Recall that in 2006, the star married her lover Denis Trifonov. On October 5, 2006, the couple had a daughter, Sofia. They divorced eight years later. In 2017, Ekaterina Vulichenko remarried. A businessman Marat Gudanaev became her husband. In December 2018, the couple had a son, Alexander.

Photo: Instagram @vulichenko

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