Balashikha Rehabilitation Center "Rosinka" Celebrated Its 25th Anniversary

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Balashikha Rehabilitation Center "Rosinka" Celebrated Its 25th Anniversary
Balashikha Rehabilitation Center "Rosinka" Celebrated Its 25th Anniversary

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The Balashikha rehabilitation center for children and adolescents with disabilities "Rosinka" celebrated its 25th anniversary. The head of Balashikha Sergey Yurov congratulated the employees and guests of the good house for small children.


“It's nice to be in such a close circle of true friends. Taking care of special children is not a job - it is a ministry. We managed to see in what wonderful conditions the children are in the center, with what love and warmth they are surrounded by the employees of Rosinka. The results of your hard work are noticeable, there is a special atmosphere here - positive and homely. I would like to thank your team for their inexhaustible energy, great work and striving to make every day of children's stay in Rosinka unforgettable. The center is developing, you have grandiose plans for the future. We will continue to provide assistance in your good endeavors as much as possible. Only by common efforts can any dream be turned into reality. Thank you for your deeds, results, long-term plans and their implementation. Happy Holidays! " - Sergey Yurov congratulated. The head of Balashikha presented a letter of gratitude to the staff of the rehabilitation center and commemorative signs to eight of its employees who have been working in Rosinka for many years. Among them are Valentina Votintseva, Larisa Lyaskovskaya, Alexandra Noskova, Vera Poleeva. In turn, the director of Rosinka Olga Sadilova presented the head of Balashikha, Sergei Yurov, and other guests with commemorative orders "With love for children."

The anniversary of Rosinka is not just a holiday, it is also a story to the people around them about the need to help children with disabilities. It is important that they all grow up happy, self-sufficient, do what they love and be able to find their place in society. Most children are between 4 and 14 years old, and there are also teenagers under 18 years old. Every year, about 7 thousand children from Balashikha and other parts of the Moscow region receive rehabilitation services, more than 300 children a year can undergo treatment and rehabilitation here in a hospital. Children stay in the day care unit with their mother.

“Today we are summing up the results of the work done. All these 25 years are like one day for Rosinka. Every day we need to help the child, launch the program, do something important and useful for the children, their health and adaptation. Tomorrow will be a new day, which means a new tangle of deeds, events, difficulties and victories. Every day we find confirmation that we are doing the right thing. Thank you to the head of the city for being with us today, our good friends and very great helpers and trustees. Special thanks to parents and children. It is easier to work together, to walk more confidently through life and to improve for an important goal. The most important thing is that our goal “Kind, beautiful in the world and in us” should be continued”, - Olga Sadilova.

The rehabilitation center employs about 140 people, many of them are veterans. These are highly professional specialists, dedicated to their work, infinitely loving children. Many were awarded with certificates of honor and letters of thanks from the Moscow Regional Duma, the regional ministry of social protection of the population. The director of the center Olga Sadilova and the head of the inpatient department Olga Labzina were awarded the sign of the regional parliament "For Works".

“Children come to our hospital with accommodation and meals for a five-day stay, they receive social and medical, psychological, pedagogical, and correctional services. Every month we have 56 children from 4 to 14 years old, check-in lasts two months, and in the summer we hold a school health company on the basis of the center."Dewdrop" for me is my home, we are all like one big family here, "Olga Labzina said.

Rosinka has many assistants. These are such large enterprises as the Rubin aviation corporation and famous people. Among them is a member of the public council of the Ministry of Social Development of the Moscow Region, journalist Mikhail Zelensky.

“Everything that is done at Rosinka every day is selfless work, no matter how loud it sounds. The employees of the center do not force the people around them to believe in goodness, they do it without stopping. When I was offered to join the Board of Trustees of the center, there were no disputes or arguments, I agreed without hesitation. There is such a special aura of warmth and love for children that you yourself get charged with energy. Thank you for allowing me to participate in this several years ago,”Mikhail Zelensky thanked.

In 2016, the center opened a semi-stationary department "Mother and Child" in the Shchelkovsky district, and for children over 18 years of age in Balashikha and Zheleznodorozhny, a training center for adaptation, rehabilitation and employment of young disabled people "Mayak" was opened. The complex of social services in Mayak is received by 35 teenagers.

Test cosmonaut at the Research Institute of the Yu.A. Gagarin Alexey Ovchinin once visited Rosinka and left with an unusual gift - a little angel made for their caregiver by children. This mascot from Balashikha has been in space.

“For 203 days, your gift was with me, he guarded and guarded us in flight. And now I am returning it to you. I wish the center well-being and prosperity,”said the Hero of Russia.

Balashikha rehabilitation center for children and adolescents with disabilities "Rosinka" was opened in 1995. Among the promising projects of Rosinka is the Mirograd Inter-Territorial Complex Center for Social Services for Disabled People in the Moscow Region, which will operate on a seven-day week basis. Parents with children will stay there for 28 days. The center will develop in the urban district of Balashikha, in the village of Fedurnovo. On its basis, professional assistance will be provided by means of social medicine, inclusive education, psychological and pedagogical support and vocational guidance.

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