Magnets, Construction Kit And Batteries: What Items Do Ufa Kids Swallow

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Magnets, Construction Kit And Batteries: What Items Do Ufa Kids Swallow
Magnets, Construction Kit And Batteries: What Items Do Ufa Kids Swallow

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Video: What happens if my baby swallows a battery or magnet. 2023, January

Chess, music phones, magnetic construction sets - both children and parents love educational toys. But from child's play, a fascinating trinket can turn into a killer in a moment.


Curious kids who have swallowed a dangerous trinket fall into the hands of the doctors of the children's republican hospital. Every day, they receive two or three children.

Doctors told the Ufa1 correspondent how they take out batteries, magnets and coins from children.

Killer toys

Most often, children swallow small elements, less often they inhale. As a rule, they are attracted by coins, small parts of the constructor, magnets and even batteries. In any case, babies become patients of the endoscopy department.

“It's very dangerous to swallow batteries,” says surgeon Oleg Komarov. - In the stomach, they are exposed to acid, which can completely eat away at the membrane. The inside of the battery is alkali, it threatens the life of the baby.

The doctor explains that lye can eat through the walls of the baby's esophagus or stomach. Then there will be peritonitis, and you cannot do without an operation.

- If the digestive organs are damaged, only the operation will save the child's life. Of course, the intervention will not do without consequences: after perforation of the walls, a scar appears, because of it, during growth, the organ can be deformed. And this is again pain, problems and, ultimately, hospitalization.

A child can swallow any object he finds on the floor.

In second place in terms of frequency of incidents, but not in danger, are magnetic constructors. Advertising of popular development projects promises that the toy will help the kid improve fine motor skills and develop the imagination. Boxes with such fun are often marked "3+" and parents naively believe that a three-year-old will easily and with enthusiasm cope with the designer. Doctors sound the alarm and try to reach out to adults.

- It's not even about magnetic constructors, but also, for example, magnets from small chess pieces or even from figures that hang on the refrigerator. If a child swallows not one, but at least two such balls or more, he is in mortal danger. There were cases that one magnet fell into one loop of the intestine, and the second into another. The loops stuck together and intestinal obstruction began, - the surgeon explains.

Such a diagnosis is fraught with dehydration of the body, and even intoxication. In addition, the pressure of the magnets on tissues can be so heavy that the intestines can be perforated.

“The other day, we have another child who we once operated on,” said the doctor. - Complications have begun.

Objects are removed from the respiratory system with an endoscope or a bronchoscope. But sometimes you can't do without surgery.

Time is the deciding factor

Unfortunately, the youngest children who have just started crawling or walking are at risk. They experience the world by touch and taste. Therefore, most often they end up in the hospital.

- The worst thing is that often parents do not see how the baby inhales or swallows small parts. And the child simply cannot explain what happened. Then the most important thing is to get to the doctor on time, - explains Oleg Komarov.

The specialist advises parents to always pay attention to the child's behavior. If suddenly adults notice that something is amiss, there is no need to delay. Better to run to the doctor right away.

Symptoms such as abdominal pain, vomiting are on the surface. If the object is stuck in the esophagus, the child is restless, refuses to eat and drink. He has gag reflexes and saliva is abundantly secreted, which the baby cannot swallow.When a small toy enters the respiratory tract, the child develops wheezing, coughing, and it may even stop.

- Sometimes a symptom is purulent discharge from the nose. Parents take the baby to the ENT and only there they accidentally find out that something is stuck in the child's airways, says the doctor.

Most often, these patients end up in the endoscopy department. There, the baby is x-rayed, and the stuck object is removed using a special apparatus.

Anesthesia is often required.

“Toys that have already slipped into the stomach or intestines have to be removed surgically,” he says. - It all depends on the size of the object and the place where it is. In addition, if the parents delay, the soft tissues around the object may become inflamed.

Sometimes children will swallow life-threatening items. Time plays a decisive role here.

The troubles of children are on the conscience of parents

Family psychologist Lidiya Khafizova reminds parents that responsibility for the actions of their children always lies with them. According to Lydia Khafizova, sometimes neither marking nor instruction before the game will save a child from an accident.

- As soon as the baby is born, care for the child falls on the shoulders of mom and dad. Parents should always calculate, several steps ahead, whether this or that activity, this or that toy will be safe for the child. The kid should always be supervised, - says the specialist. - For example, a three-year-old may have a calm temperament, play quietly and obediently complete tasks. But he is not always able to resist the temptation to do what is forbidden. Therefore, I advise parents to be on the alert at all times.

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