7 Fun Podcasts To Help Parents Understand Kids

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7 Fun Podcasts To Help Parents Understand Kids
7 Fun Podcasts To Help Parents Understand Kids

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Podcasts are slowly but surely gaining popularity in Runet - thematic audio channels or blogs that you can download and listen to whenever it suits you.


For parents who are in a permanent hurry, this format is a real salvation.

You can drive a car, take the subway to work, wait for a child from the section and at the same time listen to useful podcasts in which experts, parents and children themselves talk about education, upbringing and other problems that concern every family person.

You can find and listen to podcasts on dedicated platforms. For example, the Podcasts application is available to IPhone owners; Google Podcasts is suitable for users of Android gadgets.

There are also programs and applications through which it is convenient to listen to podcasts. For example, Overcast, Listen Notes, Castbox, Soundstream and Yandex.Music.

We've put together a few podcasts to help parents spend their free time.


Lazareva is a podcast for conscientious parents, in which the leading journalist and mother of three children, Tatyana Lazareva, invites the best experts from the field of education and psychology, as well as opinion leaders (famous bloggers, singers) and the most ordinary parents.

The goal of the project is to establish a dialogue between all participants in the educational process and understand how each of us can change the situation for the better.

A useful podcast for parents who care about the future of their children.

There have already been 14 issues. The duration of one podcast is from 30 minutes to an hour.

Listen on Yandex.Music, Listennotes, Apple Podcasts.

This is for a long time

Young podcast, which is published every Tuesday with the support of RIA Novosti. Its hosts - journalist Lina Aleksyunaite and the founder of the project to support parents Family Tree Anastasia Izyumskaya - invite experts to the studio, together with whom they are looking for answers to pressing questions about the birth and upbringing of children.

In August and September, the presenters have already discussed why to give birth to children, what pregnancy is: the best time or test, to what age you need to give birth and stereotypes about childbirth.

The motto of the project “how to be a parent and not lose sleep” fully reflects the style of the podcast. The presenters try to understand the chosen topic in sufficient detail (but without fanaticism!) And give the family guidance on how to raise a child with pleasure.

The duration of one episode is from 20 to 30 minutes (4 episodes are available).

Listen to Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts.

In St. Petersburg to give birth to FM

"Give birth in St. Petersburg FM" is a podcast aimed at giving the most complete picture of childbirth. Three experienced mothers invite different guests (mothers, midwives, doulas) to their studio to discuss the most pressing issues of childbirth and parenting in general.

The heroines share inspiring (and not so) stories of childbirth, talk about public breastfeeding, why you need a sling, and much more.

The podcast is interesting precisely for its versatility and the opportunity to hear reasoned opinions on various issues from specialists and ordinary mothers.

Each issue has a specific theme. In the title, the authors briefly indicate what the listeners should expect from the program: "chatter", "birth history", "game", "interview".

There are 21 issues available now.

Listen on Yandex.Music, Podtail, Apple Podcasts.

Parent question

“Parental Question” is a podcast of radio Komsomolskaya Pravda, hosted by journalist Alexander Milkus and Russian language teacher Daria Zavgorodnyaya.

It raises questions of education, health and development of the child. The main difference between this program and other similar podcasts is that the presenters invite supporters of different opinions to a discussion on a designated topic.

Opponents argue and as a result come to a certain truth, which becomes the result of the transfer.

There are currently 210 episodes available.

Listen on Podtail, Yandex.Music.

"Give birth first!"

"Give birth first!" - a podcast by Meduza devoted to parenting. It is hosted by journalists and part-time fathers - Alexander Borzenko, Vladimir Tsybulsky and Yuri Saprykin. They lead cheerfully and with humor.

Leaders try not to give advice, but simply share their stories and experiences from their parenting life. They discuss how to choose children's food, which nanny to entrust the child, how to share household chores in the family, how pets help raise children, and much more.

This podcast is the perfect vaccine for those who take parenting too seriously.

24 episodes lasting about 30 minutes will give you a positive attitude for many years of parenting.

Listen on Yandex.Music, Apple Podcasts, Player FM.


Mel.TEENS is a podcast of the "Mel" edition, in which teenagers themselves help to figure out how teenagers live and what they feel.

Love, money, family school - teenagers from 13 to 17 years old talk about their authorities, relationships with peers, teachers, parents.

This podcast is a great opportunity to get the most objective opinion on what really happens to children in puberty.

There are currently 16 episodes available with a duration of about half an hour.

Listen on Yandex.Music, Apple Podcasts, Vkontakte (hhttps://vk.com/podcasts-99954096).

The dog ate the diary

The Dog Ate Diary is a podcast run by teenagers Vanya, Yegor and Anusha. During the broadcast, the guys answer the questions of their peers, which they ask in the social networks of the project.

The target audience of the podcast is teenagers, but it is also very interesting for adults to listen to it, because the episodes help to figure out what topics the children care about, what they are embarrassed to discuss with their parents.

Must listen to everyone who wants to get closer to their teenager!

There are 20 episodes up to 20 minutes in length.

Listen on Yandex.Music, Apple Podcasts, Vkontakte.

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