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This year, the educational project "Marabou" invites adolescents aged 14–17 to listen to lectures on science and culture, communicate with celebrity teachers and peers, and, perhaps, even decide on their future profession. Summer School "Marabou" will be held in Hungary.

The first session - "The frontiers of science: exact sciences and humanities" will take place from 14 to 27 July. Here children will learn one of the most important skills required in the modern world - critical thinking. By tracing the path from magic and mythology to modern scientific knowledge, camp participants will learn to distinguish pseudoscience from real scientific knowledge and even plan and conduct an experiment themselves. Lectures for camp participants will be led by: geneticist Gala Rubinstein, mathematician Jan Rauch, linguist Yana Grinshpun, biblical scholar Andrei Desnitsky and psychologist Inna Khamitova.

The second session - "Culture and Technologies" (July 29 - August 11) - will allow you to get into the backstage of the most popular cultural industries, learn the specifics of organizing music and film festivals, prepare and conduct an exhibition under the guidance of a curator. Teachers will not only give answers to exciting questions, but also help you decide on the choice of your future profession! Among the lecturers: fashion researcher Tim Ilyasov, neoclassical composer Viktor Osadchev, journalist Anna Narinskaya, organizer of film festivals Alexei Medvedev and music critic Denis Boyarinov.

Participants will be accommodated in a hotel on the border of Bükk National Park. Fresh air, five meals a day, classes in an interactive and accessible format, a team of super-counselors, excursions, quests, hiking and sports - all this awaits teenagers at the Marabu summer school.

And in July-August there will be a Smart Camp "Marabou" for children 10-14 years old. Three two-week shifts: "Overseas Travel", "Ancient Greece" and "Flight to the Stars" with fascinating mathematics and a large selection of humanitarian courses await children this summer …

July 14 - July 27

July 29 August 11

14 - 17 years old (10-14 years old - "Smart Camp")

Cost: 2400. The cost of a two-week shift includes: training, accommodation and meals, classes and a counselor program, excursions.

Transfer airport hotel: 150.


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"Kamchatka" - The favorite camp of the Moscow intelligentsia. This is a campground located on the quiet Estonian island of Saaremaa. Among the counselors are completely creative people - actors, directors, musicians, designers and writers. As a result, for ten days all the children read Brodsky by heart, act out Shakespeare's plays by the fire and learn the songs of Alexander Galich in half with Vasily Zorky, and after such a vacation they categorically do not want to part.

15.06 – 26.06.2019

01.07 – 12.07.2019

18.07 – 29.07.2019

19.08 – 30.08.2019

11-16 years old

1315 without a plane ticket, 1580 including a plane ticket from Moscow and back.

Junior Camp

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Chamber language camp in Rimini. In total, there are 40 children in the detachment, all of them live in triple rooms (NovDhely hotel), provided with three meals a day and abundant animation programs: they study Italian, swim in the sea, ride the attractions of the Mirabilandi amusement park and understand the customs, traditions and architecture of Italy on excursions. Trips to Venice, Florence and San Marino are planned this year.

from 6 to 20 July

11-17 years old

78 113 rubles

International Jewish Camp Makom.IL

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International children's and adolescent camp with a fairly large age range - from 10 to 17 years old (the main set is children aged 14-17, but if they have a younger brother or sister aged 10 to 13, then there is also place in the camp). Habitat - youth campus Ramat Hadassah, 20 km from Haifa. The main program is designed for children 14-17 years old: these are parties, colloquia, sports games, scientific laboratory and travel.

August 4-14

10-17 years old



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Family camp, which will change this summer in the vicinity of the Lithuanian city of Trakai, on the shores of the beautiful lake Gilushi (TonyResort hotel). "Family" - this literally means that not only a teenager can come there, but also a teenager with a grandmother and aunt or a grandmother with a grandson - any family combinations are welcome. Then the participants will be divided into age groups, each of which will live a busy life. Children - to play sports and creativity in the air; adults - to educate themselves, have fun and walk along the lake. And when the groups reunite, they will have excursions to Vilnius and Kaunas, as well as a tennis court and a rope town.

July 16 - 27

10-17 years old

on request

Adidas camps

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The camp is proudly called the football squad, and it seems to be true. Four shifts of 21 days each, which take place in the Kamchia sanatorium and recreation complex, which is on the seashore not far from the Bulgarian Varna. Children live in four-bed rooms provided with shower and toilet. The age of the participants is from 10 to 16 years old, and regardless of gender and age, all of them, in addition to swimming in the sea and the animation program, will have one or two daily football training sessions.

June 3 - 24

June 24 - July 15

July 15 - August 5

5 - 26 August

10-16 years old

99,000 rubles

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