Cosmetics For Babies: Choosing The Best

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Cosmetics For Babies: Choosing The Best
Cosmetics For Babies: Choosing The Best

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Children are always in the spotlight. We love them and want to give them all the best, including everyday items. MedAboutMe reveals the secrets of choosing the best cosmetics for children.

Cosmetics for children

From the very first days of life, the baby needs special cosmetics to help care for delicate skin. These are oils, and powders, and creams, and wet wipes, and soap, and then toothpaste and so on. There is a large selection in stores, but how to understand all this variety? What to look for when buying so that the wrong choice does not harm your beloved toddler?

First: cosmetics must be certified and have all the necessary documents. As a rule, this can be expected when purchasing baby cosmetics in large reputable stores. Each product is subject to certification. If one product from a line has a certificate, it does not mean that they are all certified. Pay attention to the shelf life of the product and the integrity of its packaging. The shorter the shelf life, the more natural ingredients are included in the product, the less preservatives it contains. Choose cosmetics in accordance with the age of the child, since the composition of cosmetics is developed taking into account the age characteristics of the structure of the skin and hair. Always study the composition of the product, regardless of brand awareness and hype in advertising. Often, in the lines of the most prestigious brands, there are products with a rather dubious composition, and cosmetics of an inexpensive and not so well-known line may turn out to be safer and more natural.

Now more specifically about some categories of children's cosmetic products.

Wet wipes for cleansing the skin

It is an almost irreplaceable cosmetic product. With napkins, you can clean delicate areas when changing a diaper, wipe your hands and face, etc. A pack of wet wipes always lies in the bag of the mother or nanny, takes its place on the changing table.

What to look for when buying:

The ideal packaging is a plastic container that closes comfortably and tightly. The impregnation of napkins should be free of fragrances, alcohol, chlorine. Make sure the wipes and wipes are hypoallergenic. MustelFragrance-free gentle cleansing wipes

The impregnation does not contain artificial fragrances. Contains avocado oil.

Price from 1000 rubles.

Babyline Comfort Sensitive Wet Wipes

Inexpensive but pleasant German-made napkins. Dense and soft, they perfectly cleanse your baby's skin. Alcohol and fragrance free.

Price from 230 rubles.


Children with thicker, oily skin will need this product. Powder can dry out dry and thin skin completely.

The powder should be free of chemical additives and fragrances. In a good powder, the base is rice or potato starch, pure talc, zinc and plant extracts.

Recently, powder powder has become less and less popular; it has been replaced by liquid talc, which is more convenient to use and gives a better effect.

Helan LineBimbi Silky Liquid Talc

Creamy liquid talcum powder with the addition of starch, chamomile and calendula extracts, olive and almond oil.

Fits perfectly on the skin, prevents irritation in the diaper area.

Price from 1000 rubles.

Babyline Nature Zinc Powder

Gentle powder without artificial fragrances and harmful preservatives.

Price from 150 rubles.

NS Biberik Powder for the little ones Snow Powder

An excellent Russian-made product on a natural basis.It contains oat powder, sage and licorice extracts.

Price from 190 rubles.

Hair shampoo, gel, soap Detergents should not contain aggressive and hazardous surfactants, primarily sodium lauryl and laureth sulfate. Choose detergents with the mildest surfactants. These are glucosides, sulfoethoxylates, disodium cocoamphodiacetate, disodium laureth sulfosuccinate, cocamidoprilbetaine, sodium miretsulfate. Do not buy products with parabens and formaldehyde. But you should not be afraid of glycerin: in combination with water, it perfectly moisturizes the skin. Baby shampoos should not only delicately care for your hair, but also not irritate your eyes. Today most shampoo jars for babies are labeled “No Tears”, but they cannot always be trusted. Some manufacturers achieve this effect by introducing anesthetics into its composition, which simply reduce the sensitivity of the eyes. A quality shampoo "No Tears" should be marked with a natural iso-ocular pH level. It is better to use liquid soap, it dries the skin less and may contain more moisturizing and emollient substances.

SheMoisture bathing products and shampoos are excellent, but they are all quite expensive. However, quality is always expensive.

The Earth MamAngel Baby detergents have a good composition, which are also not cheap at all. Instead of surfactants, these products include natural castile soap.

Earth MamAngel Baby, Shampoo & Shower Gel

It contains no artificial flavors, foaming agents or parabens. Economical packaging with a dispenser is easy to use.

Price from 450 rubles.

LRoche-Posay Protective Soothing Shower Gel Lipikar Gel

Created for daily cleansing of sensitive skin. Can be used for shampooing, hygiene of the genitals of babies. The product gently cleanses the skin of the body, while restoring the epidermal barrier.

Price from 606 rubles.

Little Siberic

The NATURSIBERIC children's series differs from other domestic products in its truly safe composition, which is confirmed by European certificates. It is especially pleasant that high quality is combined with an affordable price.

Price from 230 rubles.

Cream, oil, milk

Baby skin needs hydration and protection. After bathing, it is useful to apply a gentle oil or a special cream to the baby's skin. Delicate areas, usually hidden by a diaper, also require care.

The cream, milk or oil should be free of parabens, fragrances, preservatives (substances such as methyl chloroisothiazolinone (MI), 2-bromo-2-nitropropane-1,3-diol, iodopropynyl butyl carbamate are especially undesirable).

Sudokrem Hypoallergenic

The cream helps to cope with irritation and diaper rash, is used for diaper dermatitis.

Price from 370 rubles.

LRoche-Posay Milk for dry to very dry skin of babies, children and adults Lipikar Lait

Created for dry to very dry skin of children and adults. Ensures a feeling of comfort for 48 hours. Moisturizes, softens and soothes the skin, relieves itching, restores the hydrolipidic barrier.

Price from 908 rubles.

Mustel Diaper Cream 1 2 3

A gentle cream without harmful substances, artificial fragrances and dangerous preservatives, gently cares for the baby's skin in the most delicate places.

Price from 550 rubles.

Baby oil should be packed in a dispenser bottle to avoid premature oxidation. It is undesirable for the composition to include mineral oils; it is better to give preference to vegetable oils: jojoba, olive, almond.

Weled Calendula Oil for Babies

Almond and sesame oils with calendula and chamomile extracts are great for daily care.

Price from 920 RUR

LRoche-Posay Lipid-reducing emollient oil for bath and shower Lipikar

Relieves irritation and protects the skin from the drying effect of "hard" water.Suitable for both children and adults. Hypoallergenic formula.

Price from 1162 RUR

NaturSibericLittle Day Care Emollient Oil

The light-textured oil contains no artificial colors, fragrances or parabens. The base is a mixture of linseed, olive and sunflower oil with the addition of cedar, primrose, geranium and other medicinal plants.

Price from 450 rubles.

Expert opinion Tatyana Lebedeva, editor-in-chief of the LookBio project

I prefer to use not quite baby but very high quality Karethic Shea Butter. It is not cheap at all: a jar of 50 ml costs about 2300 rubles, but how many problems this wonderful remedy relieves! Dry skin, chapped lips, irritation under the nose with a runny nose, chafing and diaper rash - if not from the first application everything goes away, so from the second. At the same time, the oil is very economical, and it also smells very nice.


When the baby has teeth, you can immediately teach him to take care of them. Fortunately for today's kids, manufacturers have made sure that toothpaste smells good, tastes good, and isn't harmful if accidentally (or deliberately) eaten.

Parents only need to make sure that the toothpaste does not contain harmful additives such as synthetic foaming agents and fluoride. A paste in the form of a gel is preferable: it does not damage the thin enamel of children's teeth.

Babyline Children's Toothpaste Tutti-Frutti

Delicious and fragrant toothpaste is suitable for children from 2 years old. Gently cleans teeth.

Price from 80 rubles.

Weled calendula gel toothpaste for children

Natural substances in this children's gel-paste cleanse your teeth well without unnecessary foam and artificial flavors. Even if the child swallows some of the pasta, it will not harm him in any way.

Price from 380 rubles.


The child needs special baby cosmetics, there is no doubt about it. But there is no need to buy up all the contents of a pharmacy and a children's store and fill the shelf with dozens of cosmetics. Not all of them will suit your baby, and not all are needed either. You should also not experiment by constantly changing your cream or shampoo. If your baby suits his cosmetics - great, do not try to find something even better. Anyway, after a while, the remedy may have to be changed due to addiction and reduced effectiveness, then there will be an opportunity to try something else.

All new products must first be tested for hypoallergenicity by applying a small drop to the crook of the baby's elbow. If an allergic reaction does not appear after a few hours or a day, you can start using it.

Expert commentary Tatyana Baranchikova, dermatologist

Up to three years old, baby's skin is very sensitive, irritation easily appears on it. This is due to the imperfection of defense mechanisms and the absence of natural microflora. In addition, the hydrolipid film in children is much thinner than in adults, which also negatively affects the protective functions of the skin.

It is necessary to select soaps and shampoos without artificial foaming agents, chemical dyes and substances that can cause allergies. But even the mildest detergent should not be overused, so as not to dry out the delicate and sensitive skin of the child. By the way, if you use regular, non-liquid baby soap, it is better that no one except the child uses it.

Expert commentary Alexander Prokofiev, dermatovenerologist, medical expert of the LRoche-Posay brand

The skin of children in the first years of life is weak and undeveloped, tender and vulnerable. One of the characteristics of children's skin is that they have a proportionally larger body surface area than adults. This is due to the significantly higher heat transfer. In addition, the epidermis in children is much thinner, and its upper layer is easily exfoliated, which facilitates the possibility of infection and the development of infectious skin diseases (streptoderma, scab, scabies).Therefore, it is important to protect it from the influence of external stimuli (cold, wind, sun, etc.).

Always choose products that have been tested by dermatologists and pediatricians and are designed for baby or infant skin care if the baby is a newborn. Use bubble bath 1-2 times a week, and wash your child with soap no more than 1 time a week. Soap should contain a minimum amount of alkali and have a neutral pH. For the hygiene of the child, special products with gentle care have been developed. They gently cleanse and protect baby's sensitive skin, restore the natural protective barrier.

After bathing, moisturize your face and body with baby moisturizer or milk for oily to combination skin and a thicker oily cream for dry skin.

Before going outside in the summer, when there is a lot of sun, it is necessary to use children's sunscreens, since the baby's skin contains significantly less pigment melanin, which protects against ultraviolet radiation.

When choosing products for your child's skin care, pay attention to their composition. Try to avoid potentially hazardous ingredients such as phenoxyethanol (preservative and antiseptic), ethylene oxide (stabilizer), parabens (preservatives), and sodium hydroxide (acidity corrector). Also, look for fragrance-free products, as some of them can be strong allergens.

Regular proper care of baby skin is essential for the health of the baby and the peace of mind of the parents.

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