Playground As Bone Of Contention

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Playground As Bone Of Contention
Playground As Bone Of Contention

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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Video: Bones of Contention 2023, February

Residents of house 104 on Gorky Street in the city of Vladimir sound the alarm. Their neighbors at 4 Tractornaya Street began to enclose their homes with a fence.


Mothers with children, who are accustomed to walking in the playground, believe that the residents of Tractornaya will deprive them of the only territory where they can go for a walk with their kids.

“Historically, we walk here with children, and some time ago we noticed that they started to make a fence here. Those. in the end, we understand that it will be installed and the aisles to shops, kindergartens, they will simply be closed. We have grandmothers who will not be able to bypass, and we are very much concerned about this. On the territory of our house there is no land at all, and if we build a playground here, it turns out that there is simply no place for this. Then we have to go somewhere to another courtyard, however, it is not clear which one and look for a place to walk with the children there,”complains Anastasia Matveeva, a resident of house 104 on Gorky Street.

The worried tenants wrote a letter to the mayor's office of Vladimir and received a response from the deputy head of the administration, Sergei Sysuev, who explained that the initial permits for the installation of the fence on the land plot had not been issued.

“The residents of our house turned to the administration. They described the whole situation. We received an answer that no permission was issued to build a fence to house 4 on Traktornaya. In addition, there is a decree signed by the head of the city in 2006. It says that the joint use of the courtyard space of residential buildings 102, 104 on Gorky Street and 4 on Traktornaya Street is envisaged, but the neighbors continue to be fenced off,”continues Anastasia Morozova.

Residents of Tractornaya parry that in no case do they want to restrict the children from Gorky to walk on the playground. The desire to live in a normal and comfortable house makes them fenced in. In the summer, young people constantly drink alcohol on this site, and teenagers, including children, painted all the spans of the fire escape, which has a separate entrance and exit.

“The fence is not set up to protect children from the playground. There is no such task, and never was. The doors will be open and all the children will be allowed in. The house has a separate staircase, i.e. there is no control there, so the whole playground is in a terrible state - on each floor the walls are painted, it is not clear what they are doing - bottles, cigarette butts, excuse me, they poop and poop there and whatever you want. We want to restrict access to the house - this is the first thing. Secondly, there are teenagers sitting on the playground drinking. We pay money to clean this area. We set up video surveillance on the house and watch how drunks sleep here at night, throw bottles, guys hang out, so we close ourselves in order to protect our children from such inadequate people. In no case is it about restricting children from visiting the playground. This is nonsense, mommies are constantly walking here, there is always someone here and we will open and close so that children can walk here,”Marina Romanova, a resident of Traktornaya, answered the disgruntled residents.

The official representative of Vladimir's administration, Alexander Karpilovich, explained that legally the owners of the land plot on Traktornaya Prava have the right to dispose of their land as they please, as long as it does not interfere with the passage of special equipment, the unhindered passage of residents to the solid waste collection sites, etc.

“It is clear that the children have nothing to do with it. Our task now is to smooth out the heat of passions that is going on between the owners. We, in turn, will talk with the residents and the head of the house on Traktornaya so that the gate is open in the daytime and closed in the evening.I think this will be the best option for both sides,”Karpilovich said.

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