Ksenia Borodina Surprised Her Daughter With A Surprise For Her Birthday

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Ksenia Borodina Surprised Her Daughter With A Surprise For Her Birthday
Ksenia Borodina Surprised Her Daughter With A Surprise For Her Birthday

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All guests of the holiday were happy with the gift.

The eldest daughter of Ksenia Borodina, Marusa, turned ten on June 10. However, the family decided to celebrate this holiday with guests yesterday, on the 14th. The celebration took place in the family restaurant of Ksenia and Kurban called TeikaBoom. The star hired a team of organizers of children's parties, who arranged everything in accordance with the wishes of the birthday girl. As a result, everything for a gorgeous party was installed in several halls at once. The organizers even erected a jury table from the "Dances" program, which is shown on TNT TV channel, and a small stage. Ksenia showed all the decor and treats of the holiday in Instagram Stories, arriving a few minutes before the arrival of the birthday girl and guests.

Then Ksenia filmed the holiday on her mobile phone all evening and showed how the celebration was going online. It turned out that the TV presenter made an unexpected surprise to her daughter. She invited the popular singer Tima Belorusskikh to her holiday. Maroussia adores this artist, and the whole family of Ksenia constantly listens to his compositions.

My baby. This is all for you, my princess ️. I will try to make all your dreams come true ️. I love you more than life, I hope that you will remember this holiday and you will always be the happiest ️ ️ ️. @timabelorusskih you are cool, kids adore you, - Ksenia wrote on Instagram.

A little later, the star added that both children and adults were happy at Marusya's birthday. However, Tim's birthday girl was a huge success with his peers. “Tim is great. The children could not believe their eyes, it seems to me that if Seryozha Zhukov had come to my birthday at 10 or "Ivanushki", I would have lost my mind. Maru is shy, but I know she was happier than ever. And Thea sang all his songs, and then came up and said, and now let her sing "Hooked me." I did not dare to ask,”Ksenia shared a little later.

“Marusya is such a modest, well-mannered girl! A real lady "," Ksyusha, you are such a fine fellow. You will tear the whole world for your children "," Very cool. I can imagine how the kids were happy to see their idol "," Chic holiday ️. The best mom. The most important thing is that the child is happy,”the fans appreciated the holiday in the comments.

Recall that two daughters are growing up in the family of Ksenia Borodina and Kurban Omarov. The eldest Marusya was born from the TV presenter's first marriage with businessman Yuri Budagov. In December 2015, Xenia and Kurban had a daughter, Theon, whom her parents often affectionately call Thea. Also, the son of Kurban from his first marriage, Omar, often spends time with the family of Xenia.

Photo: Instagram / @borodylia

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