Togliatti Children Will Be Protected By Neighbors

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Togliatti Children Will Be Protected By Neighbors
Togliatti Children Will Be Protected By Neighbors

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Video: I Installed an 'Anti-Child Alarm' to Keep My Neighbours' Six Kids Away | This Morning 2023, January

The city administration is developing the "People's Guardianship" project.


A hotline will appear in Autograd, through which any resident will be able to report illegal actions against children. This was stated by the deputy head of the city for social issues of Togliatti Yulia Bannova.

According to her, the administration has decided to create a single resource for helping minors.

The need to launch a hotline appeared in connection with a terrible crime that recently happened in the city.

Last week in the Avtozavodsky district, a stepfather killed his two-year-old daughter. The girl's death did not come immediately, but the ambulance called by the mother did not manage to save the child. The man did not pay attention to the suffering of the baby, because he was busy drinking alcoholic beverages.

According to representatives of the Togliatti administration, many residents of the house where the girl lived were aware that the parents treated the child badly. However, they did not know where to turn to.

To prevent similar cases from happening again, the local authorities decided to develop a project "People's Guardianship".

Thanks to him, neighbors and representatives of TPSGs will be able to conduct covert monitoring of dysfunctional families and report illegal actions against young children.

As explained in the administration, specialists of guardianship, social protection, police and prosecutors will work on the hotline. They promised to launch it by July 1.


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