Rehabilitation Center "Rosinka" Resumed Admitting Children In Balashikha

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Rehabilitation Center "Rosinka" Resumed Admitting Children In Balashikha
Rehabilitation Center "Rosinka" Resumed Admitting Children In Balashikha

Video: Rehabilitation Center "Rosinka" Resumed Admitting Children In Balashikha

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The Balashikha rehabilitation center for children and adolescents with disabilities Rosinka resumed admitting children after lifting some of the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic. On the morning of July 15, about 40 children from 7 to 14 years old arrived at the center. The change will last until the end of August 2020.


Children and parents were met at the guard post. Here they measured the temperature with a non-contact thermometer and the availability of the necessary documents. After that, the parents left the territory of the center, and the children were sent to the main building for an initial medical examination.

“We check the birth certificate, medical policy, discharges from the clinic, test results, a certificate of contact with coronavirus patients, vaccinations. Then we measure the height and weight of the child, start an outpatient card and send it to the doctor for an appointment. He listens to the child with a stethoscope, examines his tongue and throat,”said Olga Shutova, a physiotherapy nurse. The work of the rehabilitation children's center "Rosinka" is carried out in the mode of restrictions, which were established by Rospotrebnadzor. The number of children admitted to Rosinka has decreased by about 20 people. Now there are not 18 children in groups, but 10. In addition, their interaction is minimized: when one group goes to the cafeteria, the other is in the classroom. They sit down at the tables one at a time, exceptions are made only for relatives. Cultural events are prohibited, and employees are prohibited from leaving the center during the period of work.

“All employees, which is about 60 people, passed the COVID-19 test and provided all the necessary certificates. In the center, the premises are disinfected three times a day. Thermometry is mandatory in the morning, afternoon and evening. We comply with all sanitary and hygienic standards, we try to ensure the safety of ourselves and our children,”said Olga Sadilova, director of Rosinka.

The center has a five-day working week. On Monday morning, parents bring their children, and on Friday after five in the evening they pick them up. Parents and outsiders are not allowed in the center during the week.

“I brought my four children to Rosinka, ten-year-old Vlad and nine-year-old triplets Katya, Sveta and Nastya. All of them have "false croup" - a complication of the lungs after colds and other viral diseases. I have known the center since 1995, as I went there myself. My children visit the center about once a year, mostly in the summer. An excellent rehabilitation program has been organized here, which we need. Due to the new rules, we agreed with the children that we will call by video link. We did not hope that the center would be opened, and the sudden call from Rosinka made us very happy,”Irina Zueva told Bolshaya Balashikha.

Children do not have to get bored in the rehabilitation center: they work with them according to the author's developmental, corrective, entertainment programs, including classes in clay business, vocal therapy, musical movement, respiratory gymnastics, speech therapy, and the world around them. In the summer, most of the classes are held outdoors under the Summer in Rosinka program.

During the quarantine period, the work of the rehabilitation center has changed dramatically. At the end of March, the reception of children was limited, the employees worked on hot lines. Every day they helped the management of social protection of the population of Balashikha, phoned pensioners, large, low-income families, families with disabled people - they made about 25 thousand calls per week. In addition, speech therapists, defectologists and psychologists of the center worked with children remotely.

The Rosinka Center for Children and Adolescents with Disabilities has been operating since 1995 and provides free social, medical, psychological and pedagogical rehabilitation for children and adolescents. Additional information is available at

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