JSA Stars From Zheleznogorsk Visited Moscow

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JSA Stars From Zheleznogorsk Visited Moscow
JSA Stars From Zheleznogorsk Visited Moscow

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Young winners of the JSA Little Stars contest organized by JSGroup (part of IKS Holding) visited Moscow and visited the most unusual excursion sites in the city.


The competition was held among the children of JSGroup employees working at the Mikhailovsky mining and processing plant (Zheleznogorsk, Kursk region), which is part of the Metalloinvest company.

This is the first time JSGroup organized a trip for the guys from Zheleznogorsk to the capital, but the company is sure that such trips will become a good tradition. Their main goal is to support young talents, in particular, the children of the company's employees.

“Thanks to the competition, we were once again convinced of the versatility of our employees, because children are a reflection of their parents,” notes Yulia Shutkina, vice president of IKS Holding. - Separately, I would like to note that the interests of children are not limited to amateur hobbies, but have real results in the form of awards in contests of various sizes. Personally, this makes me very happy, because from childhood they develop a sense of purpose and a desire to be winners."

Parents sent applications describing their children's achievements and the most talented were: Katya Vasilyeva, 14 years old, Marina Kuznetsova, 13 years old, Liza Kosheleva, 10 years old, Kristina Pismenova, 13 years old and Ilya Gulyakin, 12 years old.

For all the winners, a memorable trip along the Moskva River on the motor ship Radisson and a fascinating "Flight over Moscow" in Zaryadye Park were organized, which, according to the guys themselves, gave an unforgettable experience and will be remembered for a long time. The children also visited one of the largest aquariums in Russia and Europe - Crocus City Oceanarium and enjoyed an incredible panoramic view of the capital on the Panorama360 observation deck in the Moscow City complex.

As the organizers noted, the format of the next event is still being determined, but one thing is for sure - all talented children will be awarded. The next step is to search for new "little JSA stars" in other cities: Gubkin, Stary Oskol, Novotroitsk, Yaroslavl and, of course, in Moscow itself.

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