16-year-old Daughter Of Actress Ekaterina Klimova Showed Her Lover

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16-year-old Daughter Of Actress Ekaterina Klimova Showed Her Lover
16-year-old Daughter Of Actress Ekaterina Klimova Showed Her Lover

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The couple came out together.

The traditional Lomonosov high school ball was held in Moscow. Such a solemn event is organized every year by the Lomonosov School. The 16-year-old daughter of the famous actress Ekaterina Klimova came to the ball with her lover. Elizaveta Khoroshilova first shared a picture with a young man, whose name is Arseny Mayorov, in her personal blog.

Note that the eldest daughter of Ekaterina Klimova was born in the first marriage of the actress. Elizabeth's father is jeweler Ilya Khoroshilov. The couple divorced two years after the birth of the girl.

By the way, Ekaterina Klimova admitted that she is trying to maintain a certain distance in her relationship with her 16-year-old daughter, at which Lisa would never feel permissiveness. Although outwardly they look like two sisters or girlfriends.

In my opinion, mom should be, first of all, an authority. Children depend on us and sometimes manipulate their good behavior or assessments, false attention to us in order to avoid punishment. And only when they become independent can we talk about friendship,

- said the star in an interview.

By the way, despite the fact that Catherine has to raise four children, she tries not to burden her eldest daughter with caring for her younger brothers and sister. The star is sure: Lisa should have time for her interests. And the younger ones, according to the actress, are already quite independent.

Of course, children have some household chores: they clean up toys after themselves, they can wash the dishes, take out the trash, but all this is not to the same extent as we had when an older brother or sister literally replaced their parents.

- noted Ekaterina Klimova.

Note that the eldest son of a celebrity was born in 2006 in a second marriage with theater and film actor Igor Petrenko. The boy was named Matvey. In 2008, the star couple had another son. The child was named Korney. But in 2013, the couple divorced. By the way, the joint pictures of Matvey and Korney always amaze fans. The Internet is actively beginning to discuss the "different" children of Ekaterina Klimova. Subscribers are simply amazed at how much the boys are not alike.

In 2015, the star married actor Gelu Meskhi (before that, the lovers lived together for some time without registering a relationship). In the same year, they had a daughter, the girl was named Bella.

Photo: Instagram @klimovagram

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